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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coming soon

It is Tuesday.
I am still sick.
I cannot remember when I was not sick now.
OK, whine over.
Now- coming soon ...

The next few weeks are going to be busy, it would be nice if I am completely well and not coughing but at least the weather is picking up. We are having bright sunny days and warm-ish temps and I imagine the warm days and nights ahead, with me not coughing.
Pup looks like a wooly bear. He has not been groomed in so long, we can't quite remember when his last hair cut happened but it is time for him to go see Hugo .. I don't mind his hairiness, he looks adorable no matter what, but he is warm and I think he might have a bit of scent of eau de hound and that is not so good.
You know, Poodles have hair not fur, so it grows, it curls and it hangs on to smells. We want a Pup who smells like a flower again ..
Tomorrow is the National Census Day.
Every single person in the city/country has to stay home and be counted. We will be here, waiting for our Census taker to show up, count us ( I don't think Pup gets counted) and then we will go out into a totally quiet and fairly empty city. I look forward to that.
Halloween in BA is a dud. Some windows are decorated, I saw a plastic pumpkin the other day, but there are no trick or treaters, no parades, nada.
Oh well, at least we will know our apartment building won't get rolled in toilet paper or sprayed with shaving cream. Do they still do that in the US ?
Next week are the Big Events !
We go to Immigrations to get our final stamp that is overdue about 6 months ( they are behind in their paperwork down at Immigrations) and we will be as Official as it is possible to be. And then on November 6th, my husband and I celebrate our anniversary. A Big One. Like we have been married since birth. Like I don't know many people who have been married as long as we have ... like we should be really really old to be married this long ... But we aren't . Really.
The perfect celebration would include our children, NY and or maybe even Paris but we are managing nicely with a French restaurant and who knows what else.
If I am not coughing, it will be a success!
Now to find a present. What do you get the man you have been married to for 100 years?


  1. Oh Candice, so sorry you're still sick! But how wonderful you've been married for 100 years?? :)

    (Feel better soon!) xo

  2. Hi,
    Sorry you are sick, hope you're well soon.
    "...Now to find a present. What do you get the man you have been married to for 100 years?
    Here is a gift idea: "A second honeymoon"

  3. Raao, that is a nice idea. Although it would have to be more like the 25th honeymoon :)

  4. Happy belated anniversary! How many years dear?

    Hope you are feeling better now?


  5. Thank you !
    The Anniversary is November 6. We have been married 100 years.
    I am actually feeling like I will live, thank you :)


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