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Alan Cohen
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Census Day in the Park

Today we had to stay in for the Census Taker, who came fairly early , leaving us with a day to wander around. Nothing was open, everyone was home waiting to be counted. As time went by, more people showed up, but there were hardly any cars which was lovely. It was a quiet day, with that bit of sadness added with the death of the former President Nestor Kirchner.
But there were plenty of people taking advantage of a sunny spot on a park bench.

And they call it Puppy Love ~
Spring in Buenos Aires
In Spring, a young birds fancy turns to love ....
Smile !
Honey, have you seen the Pup ?


  1. I have never been so jealous of Spring! Eeww...winter is settling in Portland. Blah!


  2. That is normal, Leigha .. imagine having to remind yourself that Christmas is coming... in the middle of Summer !


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