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Thursday, October 14, 2010

And so the story ends ....

Just in case you have suffered amnesia and have no memory of why I have been whining about water damage and bathroom repairs for what seems like the past 6 years but I think might be closer to a year .. or more. Someone with a more rational mind than mine might tell you more precisely. All I know is that my walls were damp, smelly, ugly, peeling, and molding... black mold to keep it as disgusting as possible.
This is with the beginnings of the repairs.
I am not sure if a wall was spared, these certainly weren't !
And our brand new giant mirror suffered also, it is only 3 1/2 years old but here, you grow into an antique quickly. I hesitate to use that magnifying mirror .. I know there is no mold on me, I checked, but the crumbling dark spots... we won't think about that.
And then a super hero came along, disguised as an Argentine Painter.

And there is my new old bathroom once again, in perfect condition. (fingers crossed, spit spit )
I am still miserably sick but I wanted to share good news with you since I have been so ready to share all my whines. 


  1. Really and truly?? Did the paint just cover it up or is it gone, the mold I mean? Our mold is hidden behind the walls and under the wood floors, no surface stuff as of yet...nice huh!?
    Well, I'm so happy for you, and I hope the nasty wet drama is over and done with forever. Your bathroom looks so nice and clean, you must be so thrilled!

    Feel better soon...
    xo J~

  2. Thank you J ! Yes, the first step of the process was the Bleach process then digging out the old damp plaster and re-doing that .. this is why it took so long.
    I chose white because I can't bring home color chips ! Imagine !
    I have marble floors and white ceramic tile then the marble trim along the edges, so the white is nice and crisp and clean. It also gives me a good background for whatever I want to do with accessories :)
    (like toile shades etc)

  3. To see the bathroom back to its formal beauty will make you feel better, I promise!! Looks fabuloso, now...enjoy it and hopefully: no más plomeros, gasistas y pintores!!! Basta!!!

  4. Well he did a great job there, you must be so pleased. Thanks for stopping by, I'm always pleased to read your comments

  5. How I do love a good before and after story. Nice shit shack. Hee hee.


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