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Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF and all that ~

You have to remember that Friday and the weekends are just other days for us. There is no getting up 5 days a week to go to work or deadlines etc. So a weekend can actually be annoying because there are all of these People cramping our style.. there are lines in some places ! People filling theatres that are half empty on week-days, restaurants are full by 11 .. good grief, who told everyone to all rush out on the weekend ?
That restaurant sits there all week, waiting for something to do , dozing , then the weekend comes along and they are beating down the door, the waiters look harried and Some of Us can't get a table until midnight.
Even for us, that is a little late. 

And then there is the matter of the sidewalk Cafe.
During the week, we wander and meander and stop when we feel like it. Pup has his usual table, we have the usual ... and we can sit and soak in the Spring warmth and watch people go by. Weekends .. people hover on the edges, waiting like buzzards for someone to move away from their table , they throw themselves into the seats, now they sit there and look nonchalant  , pitying those who wait on the edges, waiting for a table.
Pup grows tired of walking "just a few blocks more" for the next cafe and maybe a table is empty. My God, don't these people realize they only have 2 days to get themselves ready for the coming week ? 
Get home and do the laundry and iron and say hello to the kids ! You are sitting at Our Table !
Sunday comes along and it all gets nice and quiet and lazy.
Families go out for lunch .. no tables to be had anywhere. But we are aware of this and take alternate actions, we eat at home, we get to the cafe a little early, we chain ourselves to the chairs.
Some people bring work to the park, grading school papers is more pleasant in the sunshine, for the teacher anyway.
Soon it will be warm enough to take chairs and a blanket, books and a picnic and the three of us can spend the entire day, in our own spot in the park... the one we will have to find, and grab before They all arrive with their children, pups, picnics and blankets.
It is a dog eat dog world on weekends.. TGIF


  1. As a member of the "They Force Me to Work Five Days a Week" group, I can only imagine your pain.


    I can relate, however. I work downtown Minneapolis, and with its horrible winters and lovely skyway system (once you're in a building, you can move about quite a few of them through "skyways" on the second floors), when the holiday season comes around the people come POURING into MY downtown, clogging up the restaurants and stores!


  2. I knew I could count on you to be empathetic.
    I love the idea of "skyways" .. in Montreal there is this wonderful "underground" city of shops and cafes where it is nice to be in the snowy winter, Minneapolis can't be much warmer or less snowy, right ?

    I was happy to see that the parks were still fairly uncrowded and we were allowed to wander at will with only a few tourists photographing Pup .. he should start charging fees .

    TGIF !

  3. I want a photo of you, The Yankee and Pup chained to your are hilarious


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