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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taking a Walk, by Pup

I took Mom and Dad  for a walk today, all my favorite spots.
We went past the Library, they are having a celebration. Fireworks at night and music during the day. I don't like the fireworks, they are noisy. I like the music.
Happy 200th Birthday ! I am just 11. 
To the cafe where the waiter brought me water but Mom and Dad had  French fries?
Past the big statue in the park where the Warrior Lady and her  (chicken?) stand ready for battle..
OK, it isn't a chicken .. but what is it ?
He, is on top of the statue where the Warrior Lady stands ..  A big man, a big horse,
looking down at me.. no chicken though. I would like a chicken.
* It is a Condor. and the man is a hero named General O'Higgins! *
Mom  found a suitable place for building a Tree House.
Mom likes the idea of a tree house. Moms !
Then it was time to go home ..
I led the way .. waiting .... waiting ...
Mom and Dad are so slow...


  1. Pup, what a wonderful walk you have taken Mommy and Daddy on today! Looking forward to another post Pup... XO HHL

    P.S. Dolce feels he is always waiting for Mommy and Daddy too! Ms &Ds walk much slower and take longer to observe their surroundings .. we do appreciate your doggie patience!! Paws and Licks from Dolce (yorkie) and Stella (yellow lab)..

  2. On behalf of Pup, I thank you for your comment :)
    Besos to your little ones too.
    Today Pup is feeling a bit under the weather, seems something he "picked up" in the park decided to come back up this morning... Will he never learn?

  3. The bird's a condor, on the bottom of the monument to General Bernardo O' Higgins, Chile's National Hero.

  4. Thank you Anonymous ! I actually remembered after that it is O'Higgins but the condor had me fooled.. masquerading as a chicken lol.
    Thank you for commenting !
    chau !


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