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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday in Palermo Soho

Last night there were flooding rains and strong winds and this morning we woke up to a sparkling clean , sunny day.
The best thing to do was to go to Palermo, wander the shops, flea market and maybe stop at a cafe.
Lunch was Margaritas and little chicken tacos deep fried and dipped into guacamole. 
The shops and buildings are all so great, the atmosphere is always cheerful and busy. We really enjoy shopping and wandering Palermo.
You never know when you might run into a man on stilts.
The street market was very busy, the cafes were full and I had to go to Paul again for Jasmine spray for the house. . of course, I found dishes and pillows made of long   lamb hair  .. I keep wondering how Pup would like having hairy pillows on the sofa .. would he attack them? take them to bed with him? or would they become his new best friends.
This is Caroline, she became his best friend today.
Her owner held her still for the photo, otherwise, she would have been all over Pup again. Definitely love at first sight for Caroline.
It never fails I see houses in Palermo that I must have. I can imagine living in a house there.
Couldn't you?
I think a balcony is important and a hidden garden in back.
And not too colorful.
This is the Mine Boutique Hotel. Across the street from Paul... where I want to live. What ? who says I can't live in a shop ? There are beds, pillows and mirrors, coffee cups and dishes and tables and chairs.. plus more. And tea .. wonderful tea..
Then back to our neighborhood, where we grabbed the Pup and went to the park, then to our cafe for coffee. Pup had a nice spot to lie down and relax without people noticing him and fussing over him
 The flowers are really popping now, everywhere.
And on home.

No idea where tomorrow will take us.


  1. Gorgeous houses. It's official. I must visit...eventually. (Smile) Pup is looking adorable.

  2. Love the house shots, but Pup's my fave.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day. Mt. Vernon


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