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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Thursday, September 2, 2010


It is raining again.
I have forgotten when it began, Sunday? Saturday? The dog is in a perpetual state of slightly damp and curly, I am hiding inside as much as possible.. I really dislike rain.
I like it in the middle of the night, I love it when it has been super hot in the summer and you wake up to a huge bolt of lightening and a monstrous clap of thunder and a downpour.. puts me right to sleep.
But this? dreary grey non-stop rain .. Puts a damper on the day if you ask me.

I have lists ... Lists ! they are getting longer and more complicated and messy.
They started out neat and orderly and now there are little notes in the corners and a lot of lines are appearing under certain words.
And on my nice list, I see that  there are now face lotions and CD's , right next to the chicken cutlets.
Things are getting out of hand ! even my list is getting crazy... hardware store, Gotan and yeast. Does this make sense to you? I hope not.

Pup is on his morning walk, my husband timed it so that Pup ate on the way out the door because it seemed to have stopped raining.
I have this feeling that the two of them will arrive at the park and the rain will begin again.
I hope not, wet and bedraggled is not Pup's best look

Yesterday I heard a thud. The sort that a car hitting another car makes... I looked down at the street and there lay a motorcycle, with the driver half under it.
A police car was next to it. The drivers of the cars around him, got out and helped him up, the police helped roll the bike to the sidewalk, the driver seemed unhurt, although he did have an air of being annoyed about him.

I blame it all on the rain.
You can't see to drive, you hurry because you want to get inside and you get cranky because you are spending too much time inside.
Not that that is happening here.
Pup is quite happy.
My husband has gone to buy the Things needed to hang pictures on the walls.
I will help direct and choose what goes where .. This will be fun.
I have been missing my old friends, the pictures.
Maybe while we are busy, the rain will stop.
                    image via still life in Buenos Aires


  1. I came here via Hip Paris blog and must admit that your blog brings back good memories... We lived in Sao Paulo Brazil for 6 years (we moved to Versailles last January) & visited Buenos Aires/Argentina a lot. I'm just in looooove with Buenos Aires! Enjoy your time there & I'll be back here, for sure!
    Bisous, Chantal

  2. Welcome, Chantal ! How nice and thank you !

  3. Your weather sounds like an average spring/autumn day in Belgium. I hate it.

  4. I saw a motorcycle accident here yesterday too. I didn't see the driver odd that the one you saw just popped up and walked away (even though he looked annoyed). Ha.

  5. It does sound rather dreary...could I send you a hurricane? We seem to have three taking aim at us right now.

    I think Pup looks completely adorable, wet, dry or damp.

  6. Pup you are too cute.. little Dolce does not look as sweet when all wet (pop in for visit tomorrow and you'll see his post).

    Oh my dear I hope the rain disappears for you soon! and only comes at night with all its musical partners and charm (I too love the sound of rain storms - so long as I'm tugged in bed ready for a night's sleep).

    Here it has been extremely hot - so we have been inside too! :(



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