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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Modern Art by Nature

 A bright sunny Sunday, not too warm, not too cool, Just right.
A perfect day to take the Pup and go for a long walk through the neighborhood. Making sure that I got lots of photos of my favorite buildings and streets and parks ..
We moseyed on over to the French Embassy.
Which had an Open House for visitors and we missed it.
Oh well, at least I can sit outside and look at it for as long as I wish.. from a bench in a little park.
Or from the other side, on a bench in a small park, with this as a view from the Embassy
But we were content in the park, where one of us enjoyed the cool grass 
and I was happy that I did not have to climb one of these trees
I mean, really
What in the world?
It is obviously a Medieval Torture Tree.
The terraces and balconies all over town are blooming too
Azaleas. On the terrace. All I have is Geraniums and Lavender and a bit of Ivy. 
I may get a case of Terrace Envy.
This is Señora Pigeon. She was not showing any interest in
Señor Pigeon who kept strutting around her.. preening.. she was cool.
You notice, they were sitting on the ground, not in a certain tree.
Behind the scary tree, over a wall, is the Four Seasons Hotel. Very nice. This part used to be an old mansion, now it is part of the hotel. I would be fine with living there... in case anyone wonders.
Anything odd to you about this building ?
It sits right next to this building. See that wall, with graffiti on it, which will soon be hidden by the ivy..
"Modern Art" by Nature
Yes, I named the wall.
Hope your Sunday has been as fine as ours ..


  1. hello again, I always enjoy what you share on your outings!. gosh those trees!!good description ha ha. hugs to pup as well xo Colette

  2. Thank you Collete ! Did you see anything odd about that building ?

  3. I know what's about that building, but I won't tell... I saw a similar one in Paris, I'm sure there will be others around the world. This is very well done.

  4. Thank you Sandra ! I think it is amazingly well done.
    Where was the Paris building ? I might be able to picture the location.
    gracias !

  5. It was near Les Halles but don't remember the street, it was more than 20 years ago. I have to scan the picture I took, and I will send it you.


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