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Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Enjoyable Day

We had all sorts of plans for the day but you know Sundays, they turn out to be lazy slow days with long walks with no particular destination, stops for Bloody Marys and Rabas ( calamari) and wandering , while a happy Pup sniffs every . single . inch. of the entire walk.

Every day the trees are blooming more, greener, Pods in some trees are bursting open and seeds come out, mixed with what looks like cotton.
I am sure allergies are acting up from all that fluff in the air, the Parrots don't seem to be sneezing much though.
You know, it is one thing to have strange pods that look like Avocado growing in a tree, that burst open with what looks like cotton inside but shoe trees?
After a long and leisurely Brunch of  Bloody Mary and wine, with chips and tapas and rabas, we walked through my favorite neighborhood and enjoyed the lack of cars on the street , well, most cars.. this is a grown-up Matchbox car, I believe.
and almost complete quiet. If you don't count the birds singing happily, an occasional bee buzzing in the flowers
and now and then the sound of children playing in gardens, hidden from our sight. .. the barking of a dog that is surprised from a nap by two people and a Pup meandering by..
And one small cat that didn't look that surprised but didn't seem too interested in introducing himself.
Down the street, past all styles of architecture ..
Most of the homes having nice trees in front..
and I can only imagine the gardens in back..
The Orange door made all kinds of statements ... at least for me.
Am I back in Connecticut ?
No, I don't think so
The color ..
The styles
The elegance
Large and Stately
And an Embassy here and there... here, the Swiss.
This was one of the only houses that seemed to be a bit on the wild side. There is certainly someone there with a Green Thumb, even the sidewalk plantings were luxurious and enormous. Others had nice flowers or grass , a flowering tree or shrub, this had a mini-Jungle ..
And so went our day, on the way home, we saw that the parks were full, everyone was enjoying the day..
I hope your enjoyed your day too.


  1. wonderful stroll you took us on once again... I'm really liking that as it gets colder here .. its getting warmer and warmer there... HHL

  2. It's hard sometimes to remember that you are in the middle of a crazy city, isn't it??


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