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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A beautiful day

It was another one of those beautiful days. Crystal clear skies, bright sun and all we needed were light sweaters. There were things we really had to do , at home, inside, but the fresh air and sunshine and Pup,  called us out to play. We decided to go to a cafe and have coffee, give the boy a run and come home.
As usual, this plan turned into something else altogether.
We walked through the parks, past the Biblioteca Nacional and Pope John Paul  , who looks down at the park and over Evita...
Who looks like she is headed off to enjoy life some more. There is nothing there now, where her tomb is, but the monument is quite beautiful.
See those palm trees ? Last year, walking in the park, we noticed quite a bit of smoke coming from this area. Someone had set the palm trees on fire. Eventually fire trucks arrived and the fire was put out but I did not give the trees any chance of survival.. they were charred black wrecks.
As time went by, storms blew a lot of the dead pieces away and there seemed to be signs of life, a tiny green thing growing in there.. today it is difficult to see where anything had happened at all.
Nature, she is strange and wonderful.
On to the park by the cafe where we would have coffee and feed the birds. What's this ?
Lunch time football? Perfecto. We sat on a bench and watched the game.
They were really good! Very serious about their game and fun to watch.
The cafe was full, we dawdled  too long, taking photos of the Ombu
and enjoying the walk through the park
So we just kept walking !
Down Libertador .. then back .. past my favorite advertisement on the side of an apartment building,
arriving back home weary and hungry for tea. .
And a dog biscuit.
Maybe tomorrow we will get something accomplished !


  1. Are you sure???? Why??? It looks like you are having a great time and that's something accomplished!!!!LOL!

  2. Well, when you put it like that ! :)
    We did work up an appetite, that probably counts too !

    I need to go to the Flea Market.. I will think of you ..

  3. Awe another wonderful tour and more temptation to come an explore the country I have never been to - but some how calls to me. A friend's friend ... just left for Buenos Aires a few days ago .. I happened to be at her house when he popped over.. turns out he has a home there and is considering buying a vineyard ... of course I started to ask a bizillion questions.. I was ready to jump on a plane too!

    Can't wait to read about your flea market adventure!! HHL


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