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Monday, August 30, 2010

Pup ... A Study in Black & White


  1. Candice - surely there is a photo competition in BA somewhere that you can submit these amazing photos of PUP - The expressions that PUP gives via pics is incredible...

  2. Aww. thank you Ant !
    I am like a first time mom .. forcing everyone to look at pictures of my baby :)
    You can tell he is quite used to having a camera stuck in his face, he just stands there or sits there and looks back.
    The next to the last photo was Pup in the backseat as we drove across the US to our new home in Portland Oregon.
    We all miss that car :)

  3. The world is very lucky I do not operate a BLOG or else JEREMY the cat (my little baby) in our household would be featured alot too....sometimes I wish people were like our animals...unconditional love and sneaky ways of getting DAD to give him food before it is dinner time...Sounds like I need a CHILD!!
    Tell Pup to be careful of the crazy man who hugs him on the street or in some park in October!

  4. Ant, Pup is so used to those "crazy" men and women.. He will be thrilled to finally meet you.

  5. these pictures are amazing. My favorite is the last one. Lord, those eyes!

  6. I love how this god looks! Like a madwoman.

  7. I meant dog. Hahaha.

  8. LOL, If you knew how many time I have written/typed god instead of dog .. Must be something to it.
    Yes, I see what you mean, if you look deep into those (amber) eyes, you might see a tiny stirring of madness... but only the best kind :)
    Thank you for your comment , Fickle Cattle ... :)


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