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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, at last ...

To escape the sounds of plumbers finally repairing the problems above, we went to the cinema.  We saw Salt.
I now want to be a Secret Agent.
When we got home, Nely was still here, our very own mini-tornado, who is best left alone to do her magic. So we grabbed the poor Pup ,who was hiding from all the machines that make sucking noises and went for a walk , stopping for a late lunch in our cafe and giving Pup some quiet time in the parks along the way.
Along the way we passed this .. Not sure who he is, have to look him up but he was obviously well thought of.
Passing the park in front of the Biblioteca Nacional, we saw five mounted police horses and one policeman on his cell phone ... We went to our little cafe and had a cafe con leche with a Tostado and enjoyed the sunshine, cool breezes and relative peace and quiet.  And the sights.. such as this .. it was a bonanza day for horse sighting for the Pup who loves horses.... too bad this photo doesn't come with sound effects..
We chatted awhile and I fed the little cafe  birds ..
Then we walked back home through the park where I love to sit and be quiet .. the Biblioteca looked like it was about to take off or land, not sure which .
Walking back to the apartment, we passed the British Embassy and the Cat in Residence
He is so beautiful... Pup whimpered a few times, he is always happy to see a pussy cat but the cat just sat there, then when I told him how beautiful he was, he did acknowledge me
So I winked back at him and we went home. 
Home to tea and a sparkling clean apartment and best of all... no sounds from above.
Wishing you a very good weekend..


  1. Loved Salt. Great action adventure flick.

    Really love those kitty pics though!

  2. Thank you!
    Buenos Aires is a great city for photographers... and for cat lovers. .. and dog lovers too !


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