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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Cold Sunday in BA

Pardon me while I whine ... It is too cold here !
I don't want to get out of bed, I don't want to get out of my warm pajamas and Pup certainly does not want to get out of his warm nest that he sleeps in , when he follows me in here to the bedroom with the computer. The bedroom where Pup makes himself at home, where else? on the bed. But he has his own blanket on there so any people who have a problem with sleeping in a dogs bed, can relax.
You mean this is not My bed ?

After many many cups of coffee and a few hours of fiddling around online .. it was time to bundle up and go out into the arctic air. Antarctic air , I guess you would say?
Pup was happy, I grumbled, my husband was quiet.. he suffers with much more dignity than I do .. I like to share my misery .. 
We took Pup to his park and Good Grief, there were millions of people everywhere ! 
Why were they not home, huddled under blankets before the fire ?? 
Hovering over the gas heater? 
Draped across the stove with the oven on ? 
They are definitely a hardier bunch than I .. even the tourists were having fun and walking around as if they were not frozen tourist pops. 
We walked in the sun and I began to think that maybe it wasn't that bad .. but then again, it was.
There were actually people sitting on the grass in the parks, playing with the pups, listening to music, eating .. there was a family with many children and they were all sailing their boats in the reservoir, where the wind really was blowing and I froze in my place just watching. 
I was relieved to see that at least one creature in the park as cold as I.
We went a few blocks then headed back towards home, I kept myself going with thoughts of gallons of hot tea and maybe a scone if my teeth didn't freeze and crumble before we got back home.
The Facultad de Derecho is this wonderful building, the University of Buenos Aires . 
We go there on weekend nights to listen to live, free concerts by the Colon Orchestra. 
It is wonderful, this room that is many stories high, with old fashioned ,comfortable velvet  chairs to sit on while listening to this amazing orchestra. 
Music like this 
There is a footbridge over Ave Alcorte,   going north .. I took the photos from there..
 Looking towards Palermo
And the traffic coming from town towards us
Not bad for a Sunday. I am often reminded of NYC when everyone left town on Friday and traffic was horrible then the city would be quiet... then Sunday night all that traffic headed back into the city .. it happens here to some extent.
And this is the beautiful monument that I do not know anything about , on the grounds of the University.
This was my Sunday. The fresh air was good for us, but the warm home waiting was better. We had scones and tea and hot soup .. Pup has gone from one "nest" to another.
The upcoming week should be interesting. We have to call the people at Immigrations to see if they have our paperwork yet and can we please come get Stamped and Made Official.
I have to choose paint for the bathroom.
It will probably drive me insane trying to decide on the Right White.
True.. it is just this sort of thing that will send me off the Deep End.

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  1. Our Seattle summer has been like's the cloudiest and grayest I can ever remember, it's not freezing but it's not warm either! It looks like you're having sunny-cold days...our winters are so cold and damp...never gets out of the bones!

    Whites are always so tricky (actually, any paint color is), best of luck! J~


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