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Friday, July 16, 2010

On The Street

Go to On the Corner . com and you can see more Buenos Aires street styles.

I see if myself, every day actually,  out on the street.
Depending on the neighborhood, you will find more funky fashion (Palermo, San Telmo for example) and then High fashion ( Recoleta, Palermo, Belgrano) and all over town there are imaginative people who do wonderful things with whatever they find.
I envy them.. 
I sometimes have no idea what to do with what I have so I go out the door like I did today..
Grey corduroys tucked into riding boots,  with a black turtleneck, with a black coat , with a black furry scarf that I bought in Montreal many moons ago. 
Add black gloves and a big black bag and there you have it .. the No Idea What To Wear Outfit. And don't forget the sunglasses.. large , black.
Later in the day, it was accessorized a little more with a large brown doggie. .. who needs no accessories to look fabulous .. he just Is.

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  1. Please say that isn't you in that mini skirt...I am married you know...;-)


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