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Alan Cohen
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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Don't you hate it when you wake up at , oh, say ... 4:45 am and you cannot fall back to sleep? 
And knowing that the plumber will be here at 10 am , you find yourself ready to go into a deep sleep around 9 am..
That is how the morning started.. 
The plumber arrived on time, he and his partner, who just stands there and laughs at my jokes . 
The plumber laughs too but sometimes I wonder if he is just laughing because he cannot believe that Here he is again, in this apartment again, in this water stained, dripping bathroom with that poor lunatic .. she is nice and makes excellent coffee but the drips and water spots have finally sent her over the edge.
Look at her.. see the way she is now talking to the dog ? 
Even the dog is smiling and pretending everything is OK... 
So the plumber cannot figure it out by just looking at things, he will need to come back next week with destructive tools .. 
I see my future, I see more tiles being broken, my sink being moved, my walls being broken then repaired... again.
I have put my foot down regarding the mirror. 
I am not up to the removal, the wait for the new one, the whole deal. 
Just find the water in the wall and we will leave it at that, the mirror will just be considered an antique in a few more months with enough spots on it.
I might change the molding around the mirror and pretend that it really is a huge antique hanging on the wall.
I can pretend pretty well now, living here has done that .. I pretend that I don't hear that little dripping noise and that I don't smell damp in the closet that has been full of water and mold and repaired many times.
Soon I will be pretending that I, myself, am not walking around, all moldy. 
It could happen !
Now we have until next week to deal with Carlos and the new water issues, let's get out of here, where to ?   Chinatown !

We had a good taxi today. 
Some days they are just a taxi ride, but this one had great music, I especially like singing along to Michael Jackson and the Beatles in a taxi flying down these huge Avenues, fast .. in and out of traffic, with our young, race car driver at the wheel.
It is a beautiful winter day, bright blue skies and sunshine, the wind is not too cold.

Chinatown was bustling ! We were thinking it would be quiet. 
I found watercolor paper. 
I had a good time shopping in the shop that sells good kitchen Stuff .. gadgets, tools etc. 
I got a spaghetti spoon/fork thingee and decided against the collapsible rubber strainer. 
We went to my favorite market where I got Sesame Oil, Nutella and I controlled myself and did not buy Vegetable Spring Dumplings that I would have to steam myself. 
I think I will just enjoy them when I go out for Chinese. 
Somehow I just don't think they would taste the same at home.
We wandered and looked in supermarkets where they had huge fish and crabs waving their poor claws at me as I walked by. 
Duck heads and feet too. Not sure what I would do with those ingredients but it was interesting inventing dishes that feature a ducks head and feet.
Then wandering past the charming buildings that are homes, dentist offices and cafes.
Then we left those streets and wandered into the Belgrano area where the high-rises are and the streets are lined with trees and quiet and I still consider living .. it has this Village- like atmosphere, we both really like Belgrano.
Belgrano has these huge modern high rise buildings, just like NYC and then on the same street will be a charming home like this ..

My dream would be a house like one of these with one of those secret gardens, where the only sounds I would hear would be birds singing.
Imagine having all the houses on your street torn down and high-rises built, all except yours !
What was behind this door , once upon a time ?

When we got home, we took Pup to the park, fed some pigeons, OK, fed a lot of pigeons and wandered home, past where yet another movie is being filmed and home to a big pot of tea.
All in all, an excellent day.


  1. Goodness... all your pics of your city make me want to pack up immediately and go there! What a beautiful place. I'm sorry you're suffering w/plumbing issues... that's the worst! I hope it gets fixed ASAP.

  2. I relate on the sleeping thing. Only in my case it's because I have morning job interviews. And then I show up with bags under my eyes that only a bellman could envy!

    And..BA looks so heavenly and cool (as in thermally). It's so hot here now I feel that I've been written into Dante's Inferno as a minor character, of course.

  3. Your trials with the plumbing surely will end soon. It has gone on far too long, even Carlos must know that!!!


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