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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another neighborhood

I thought I would post about another neighborhood today. Colegiales.
Colegiales is one of the smallest barrios in the city of Buenos Aires. It was where the Jesuits vacationed in the early 1700's, but then the Spanish drove them out and eventually it became this really charming neighborhood... I just condensed several hundred years of history just like that .. 
There are busy main streets like Frederico Lacroze where there is a lot  of traffic, noise and shops and restaurants and all sorts of businesses.
There are areas where they are making new apartments in old buildings and  they are taking  old silos and making them into Loft apartments.
And there are neighborhoods where the buildings are the original one and two story homes from the past, many quite beautiful  ..
                                                        wiki photos
There are streets that have been made pedestrian only, something I find extremely appealing.
The big apartment buildings have grand entrances but so do the small ones, the modest ones and most homes have all kinds of great gates and doorways. This house was on a corner and had a roof garden. It was quite beautiful, just needed a little wash.

This is just walking down the street, the rows of old homes, with newly renovated or improved homes, alongside totally traditional old homes that reek South American charm.
I see no reason at all why I cannot live on a cobblestone street with all that Spanish iron work in the windows and little balconies and a secret garden in the back .. do you ?
This home had two rooftop gardens.. a bit piggy if you ask me ( the one with no rooftop garden) but the nice thing was we could hear children laughing and birds  up there .. nice, very nice.
And then you can have a home with a Koi pond if you wish. Pup loves the Koi ... I love the Koi ... they let me pet them.. who would have thought of such a thing !? Well, they are very friendly here in Buenos Aires..
So this is Colegiales.. right smack dab in the middle of the city of Buenos Aires, a charming, Old World meets New World neighborhood. Hope you like it ~



  1. Lovely insight to your side of the world..I appreciate you sharing this lovely stroll with us! Colette x

  2. This is a surprise! I lived in Federico Lacroze y Conesa, about 3 blocks from the train station and it looked nothing like this!! I haven't being back in over 20 years but I must, it looks great!! Thank you Candice!!!

  3. Oh I just love the old courtyards.

  4. I love the courtyards too !
    Our courtyard is only accessible from inside the building, with tall trees, a hibiscus big enough to swallow Manhattan and many many birds. Not to mention the doves in the big tree outside my window .. who may try nesting in my flower box again next Spring :)

    We are going to be in Colegiales for lunch on Friday :)


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