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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ever notice how there are days that just go by with about 73 hours in them and you just long for it to be late enough to go to bed and end that day ?
And then other times, you get up in the morning and before you know it, a dozen people have called. 
There are too many things that have to be done, waiting for things to be done or for calls ,  then all of a sudden, it is evening, you are exhausted and you fall asleep at 10:00pm.
Well, that was my Tuesday.
Today, Wednesday,  we woke bright and early, with no Telephone repairmen stomping through the bedroom, climbing into my ever so neatly packed and arranged storage space at the top of the closet, where the phone wires also run past .. into this room where the other phone sits and now it is the Only phone sitting.
The reason for the terrible noise and crackling and no ringing and no one hearing anyone .. was the bad wiring. 
And for no reason in particular, they can not replace it so we have one phone now. 
And the cell but still, I had a house in the US that had four phones. .. plus two cell phones. 
Is this like the older we get , the less modern conveniences we need? 
I don't think so.
But I am in "Rome " now, I do as the Romans do. 
Use the cell phone for a phone now,  instead of just  a clock/watch.

We had a few things to do, then grabbed Pup and figured we would just walk .. to a new neighborhood and have lunch. As we headed out, my husband picked up some scones at the corner bakery, Pup and I stayed outside and talked to the cat... he didn't have too much to say to us though.
We walked on over to the park for a Pup stop. There were two Mounted Police, Pup ran over to say hello, we had to call him back, he has no fear, I do .. so he said hello from a distance. 
There were also two police on those quad bikes.. we were well protected, in the park, feeding the pigeons dry scones..And of course, Pup always keeps an eye on things.
We left that park once the scones were gone, who can stand being stared at by a few dozen pigeons once you quit feeding them ? All those beady little eyes....
We crossed over to the next park, where the Dr Agote statue flowers were in full bloom. I don't know who he was , just that they put his statue in the park, next to the street named after him ..
And there he is .. with those alien from outer space flowers. That green fence in the background is the new fence hiding the construction going on with the grounds and walls of the British Embassy .. it is all very hush hush , big secret, I expect some fancy wall with all that hidden construction going on!

Off we went down Libertador, this wonderful Avenue...
Through the next park where we stopped to say Hello to the General and admire the blue skies ..
Then on past the trees that are losing leaves, have already lost leaves and those who will hang on to their leaves
Heading into Palermo we were thinking of where to eat when we thought of the Eva Peron Museum. They have an outdoor area that is wonderful and "Mascots are bienvenido" .. so we wandered in that direction, past all the pretty buildings, the great   cafes and into the neighborhood of Palermo.. this is where the Zoo and Botanical Gardens and Japanese Gardens are found, very green and pretty.
Those high rises are these brand new glass apartment buildings. I am sure they are wonderful and have great views but I much prefer the older buildings here with all the character. There are many wonderful examples of 1930's architecture, some look so much like the lower part of the Empire State Building, with fantastic iron work on the doors. So on into the neighborhood we went .. 
And here we were at the Eva Peron Museum and Cafe
Pup was thrilled to lie down and relax, 
We ordered Malbec and I had a glass of Sidre .. sweet , bubbly and not too alcoholic.. else I would be curled up under the table next to Pup. . and Sorrentinos in Sage butter and a Crepe with Cheese and Onions .. We sat there for a long time, relaxing and enjoying the fresh air and just being out .. The service was great, they brought out a nice dog dish of water for the Good Boy. .  and then it was time to walk home. Back through the streets of Palermo..
past the Italian Embassy and towards our neighborhood. This is ( I think) the Saudi Arabia Embassy.
On into the Parks past the Biblioteca Nacional - wacky isn't it ?
Past the little tree and the last Autumn leaf to fall
And home again, where a certain Pup was too too tired to make it to the bed ..


  1. Good to see you are back writing again...

    I have those Alien type flowers popping up everywhere at the moment (same hemisphere, seasons and plants)...I can verify for you that these are Aloe Vera summer the leaves provide us with cooling gel after a day at the beach (the leaves are great being in the freezer for an hour before applying)and the moment it gets rubbed into your skin that burnt feeling dissapates quickly....and in the winter they create this long stem with lovely red poker flowers.


  2. I like to see images of places I've never been and learn more about how people with different habits do live. The world is an amazing pkace, everywhere there's something beautiful to see. Thanks for sharing with us xx

  3. I am so glad you enjoy the photos !
    I now carry my trusty little camera with me all the time. I stopped at photographing the crepe at the restaurant though lol.
    Ant .. I should have thought of that, I know aloe but the flowers totally distracted me from the leaves of the plant.
    I remember having a little aloe in my kitchen a long time ago. Now I have a jungle right down the street !

  4. I read a sci-fi novel last year. The author described a library that I see now must have been modeled on the one pictured above. Somehow comforting and disturbing to know it exists outside my imagination.


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