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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Messi Messi Messi !!!!

OK ... we watched Argentina play Greece this afternoon , World Cup Futbol.
Argentina won 2-0.
It was fun to watch, tense and exciting and fun!
I never watched football (soccer) before moving here, I knew about it, our son went to school with Georgio Canaglia's children, that is when I learned a tiny tiny bit about soccer. 
But not enough to care.
But now - here I am - in the (what seems to be) heart of Soccer/Futbol land.
Every balcony, terrace and store has Argentine flags hanging , every window has some little symbol of Argentina and futbol. 
Sports bars are making a killing.. the one down the street closed its doors, drew the draps across the wrap around floor to ceiling windows , hiding the interior which besides having a restaurant and bar has two floors of wall to wall big screen televisions.
And when Argentina finally scored the first of 2 points, you could hear this muffled roar .. I opened the windows and could hear it clearer but no one was really out.
After the game ended with Argentina winning, then the noise outside began in earnest.
Horns, cars honking, people yelling, dogs barking just to get in on the action and horns.
They like horns here, especially taxi drivers.
So here I am , talking about Soccer. 
I was never a soccer mom.. mine liked hockey.
Which is similar in a way to soccer .. back and forth really fast with the ball/puck ... scoring against a single man in the net .. exciting in its way.

So what next, will Argentina win the World Cup ?
Will I ever adjust to the honking ? horn blowing ? dogs barking at the horns blowing and cars honking?

Stay tuned .. 

Tomorrow the United States plays ... I will be here.. I doubt I will blow any horns but I might yell a little.

Messi ? you ask .. who or what is Messi?

Martin Palermo ? you ask ...
There are more but I don't want to overwhelm you with it all at once ... just typical Argentine guys..

Due to requests, more player photos

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  1. Madrona is an interesting guy....but I prefer photos of the players. Mas?

  2. Maradona is very interesting .. he was considered to be the best Soccer/Futbol player in the world, in his time.
    He was at the top of the world and then down and out and now he is doing well with his and I am sure very happy.
    Friends have remarked on the kissing.. guys do that here all the time, everyone kisses everyone... this place is ridiculous it is so great to live here !
    More photos coming lol

  3. Tres chaud, Candice! Did you by any chance see the June issue of Vanity Fair?? Crazy hot.

    (And I personally think Maradona is more crazy than interesting.) :)

  4. VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do I need to say more???? OK,



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