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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Argentina 3 - Mexico 1

  What a game ! Even Pup watched. Every time they scored, I ran to the french doors, opened them to the sounds of people in the street and in other buildings, all screaming and cheering and some blowing horns.
Then we would all pop back inside and watch some more.

I cannot imagine what the Sports Clubs are like when they score ! or even almost score ..

This has been the most fun, whatever happens and I do really really hope Argentina wins the Cup .. this has been the best and most entertaining way to learn to like Futbol/Soccer.

¡ Vamos Argentina !                                                             


  1. Those screams were not from the near building, it was us...all the way from San Clemente, California!!!

    Aguante Argentina!!!!

  2. Since I am not particularly partial to any of the remaining teams, Candice, I am going to support Argentina - only for you!

  3. Sweet Freak, you are too kind, thank you :)
    I was talking about you just today .. about how well you eat where you live.

    That will be my blog today- where we had lunch.
    What we had for lunch ..
    I am sure it will be an edge of your seat story.


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