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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Day , Another Mime

 One of the Best ways to spend time on a Sunday in Buenos Aires is to wander the Hippie Feria in Recoleta. There are stalls set up, side by side, along the wide sidewalks that snake through the park , Plaza Francia. The atmosphere is always jolly, shoppers are generally a happy bunch, don't you think?
All of the things for sale are made by artisans and most of the time, they are the people sitting there , all day, sipping maté and having a smoke , chatting with a friend or customer, waiting for people to buy the (almost always very nice/pretty/cool/brilliant) things that they have  made by hand.

When my Sister in law and nephew were here, we were there a few times. My sister in law is a Serious shopper and she really enjoyed the unique handbags, jewelry etc. It is a great place to buy gifts for the family at home or in my case today, to buy one of those lovely hand carved wooden pins that holds a woven scarf or sweater closed. The one I bought when we first arrived here, recently went missing, I bought its duplicate today.

The pink building is the Recoleta Cultural Center, museum , theatre, wonderful place!
While wandering the park, Pup , my husband and I got the treat of watching Tango dancers in the park, much like the video from yesterday. This time it was 2 young women, 2 handsome young men and really good Tango music. There was a very old woman standing beside me watching, she was singing the words to the music quietly .. It might have been from the 20's .. or 30's .. 

Walking home by way of the Recoleta Cemetery and the cafes lined up across the drive .. there was this group .. I love them. They are always playing in clubs around here. We first heard them in almost the same spot, last summer.. walking home one night from the ice cream shop in that area. They were standing along the sidewalk, all their equipment etc and playing this amazing music. There are park benches everywhere, I sat with my husband and Pup and listened for what had to have been at least an hour .. under a huge moon, on a soft early summer night .. Listen to them.. believe me, you will like them.
My favorite song is Princesa  ~
As we walked away , towards home, there was another mime !
This one stopped a mini van and climbed on the front. Then he walked beside a black station wagon with his hat off and pretended to be a funeral person .. all the while making that whistle noise but the Funeral Dirge.
Then he saw Pup ... down he went on his hands and knees and whistle/barked at Pup .. who just thought that was the best thing since dog bones and bounced around and wiggled .. then the man walked by with a Boston Terrier which went crazy barking at the Mime ..  a little dog with a big attitude.

So now we are home, snug and warm. Our phones still don't work. The cell phone is wonky too.
Someone is trying to tell us Something.... I am just not sure yet what it is.

If the computer stops working, I will know.

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  1. I cannot wait for the day to meander and shop in BA!

  2. You can have a crepe with Nutella on it here too :- )


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