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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Musings on a Rainy Day

You know, last night I was thinking ...  a little rain wouldn't be bad. 
Things need watering outside. 
I love falling to sleep to the sound of a gentle rainfall.. in summer I sleep like a baby when we have those all night thunderstorms. I guess it is that knowing you are warm and snug in bed, while the elements are flailing around outside. 
It also helps mask the sound of an occasional lunatic who yells or sings at the top of his lungs in the middle of the night and I am the only person in my building to hear him. 
I don't believe this though, I think everyone hears him, including my husband and it is this vast conspiracy to make me think that it was not really that loud, that I am the only person who hears these things.

So I woke up to pouring rain. But the pouring type that floods the gutters and turns the intersections into lakes and no one wants to be out there unless they absolutely have to. 
And one of them will do it anyway, because the dog has to be walked. 
God bless that man, regardless of how he feels, how cold, wet, hot, miserable it is out there, he will insist on being the one to walk the dog.
I will never be able to pay him back .. ever. 
I have to be nicer to him. I don't know many people who deserve niceness as much as he does.

So the rainy day routine was set. 
I was to be ready by the door when they get back ... the dog has this hair that hangs on to water. 
Being a water dog, I guess this is to be expected, but he leaves the house this large, fluffy pup and comes back this bedraggled, pathetic, soaking thing that sort of reminds me of one of those long haired rugs people used to have back in the '70s ... but this one is brown. 
And dripping all over the kitchen.
So I sit on the floor with towels and give him a big towel massage with individual attention paid to the feet. Did you know some dogs are ticklish ? Yep.
And I dry and dry and look at him and he still has that wet pathetic hound look.
So I drape the towel over him and let him run away, all full of energy and hiding inside the towel, next thing I know he is killing the towel... not everyone hates rainy days, I guess.

Being rained in is what forces a person to 1- be a sloth, not move all day, 2- take a nap or two,  3-bake cookies , 4- read a good murder mystery,  5 - do the closets.

Yeah, I did the closets. 
Only thing is... they aren't finished yet, so regardless of what tomorrow's weather is ... I will be doing the closets. Something about this just doesn't sound right.
Next time I am reading the murder mystery while the cookies bake, before my nap in the bed where I have not moved all day.

My sister in law and her son will be here Friday. 
I have not seen them in years. 
Time flew while we were having fun and now I am shocked that so much time went by and I feel terrible and I am beside myself with eagerness to see them and show them where we live and what we like about it and just to enjoy seeing them, here. 

I am hoping the rain stops by tomorrow.
I am hoping the mosquitoes are not invading .. when we moved here, there was an "invasion" .. people sitting in cafes would have dozens of mosquitoes hovering over them, on them, made me twitch. 
I took the dog to the park, walked around, came home and that night both feet were covered with red bites. I never felt one .. but those things itch like crazy for days.
I now use OFF cream and spray and wear a cross around my neck.

I have to go look at the closet now and see if I can come up with a plan.  
Maybe if I tempt someone with a towel or a blanket, they will keep me company.


  1. That photo is hilarious! I think I would have gone for the murder mystery and the cookies over the closet.

  2. Next time, I think I will. or at least the cookies.


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