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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We did nothing today. Absolutely nothing. 
Well, maybe not absolutely nothing because we did get dressed and we did go for a walk, stop at a cafe and walked some more, while I took photos.

But overall, we did nothing.
The perfect Fall weather seems to be staying around. It is what I guess would be September here.. trees are showing some drying up and leaves are falling, some have  bit of color to them, but best of all, the humidity is gone ( for now) and it is not so terribly hot. 

Every  single day now, the sun is shining, the sky is this amazing blue and if there are clouds, they are pure white and sort of shred apart as the day goes by. 

I have not reached this point yet, but it reminds me   of my favorite lines in the  movie White Mischief ..   ..Sarah Miles   looks out the window and says " Oh God, not another f****ing beautiful day. " 
That is what it is like here, day after day, beautiful. 

After lolling about for a while, then feeling slightly guilty for  wasting a good day and depriving an energetic Pup of his exercise, we decided to walk through the parks, stop at a cafe for "breakfast " .. ( this was around noon or 1:00) and I thought to bring the camera .

We wandered past the British Embassy where we saw that all the ugly graffiti on some walls had been removed, the statue of the Man on the Horse was clean too, which made me so happy.
I turn into some muttering old woman, going on about these louts with cans of spray paint and why don't they catch them and why don't they make them wash every wall and every monument in the city to teach them a lesson ?
So today, everyone ( husband and Pup) was spared my diatribe.... but if I ever see one of those people actually doing it ... well ....

We went to our cafe  and had breakfast .. cafe con leche, medialunas caliente .. we found a table in the shade, the entire outdoor area is on the sidewalk, right along a very large, wide and busy Avenue with parks on the other side.
They put up a glass "wall", protecting people from water, dirt and maybe cars landing on their tables while dining outside in the sunshine and fresh air.

Pup was happy, he enjoyed the fresh air, he got enough attention that he needed to be incognito but then we walked some more and he was able to be himself..

 I want to show you more photos of the park I love best. Partly because of the trees and there are also homes that face another Avenue and this park is basically their back yard. I need to live there, I need this as My backyard..
                                Thanks to my husband for taking the perfect photo of this perfect tree

Back behind there is the Embassy of Chile. A very nice Embassy and best of all for some furry person in my family, they have many cats who live there. They are all the same color and really pretty and not that interested in big dog noses being stuck through the fences. 
You have to be careful all the time when you have a large nose, cats have good aim.
This park not only has fabulous trees of all sorts but they have a lot of statues.
Of course, no park is worth anything without Another Man on a Horse statue.

But there are smaller and really more peaceful and gentle statues too . I wish I knew who all these people are, they all have streets and things named after them .. This one is Chacabuco .. I know where the street is too.

And this one is just lovely ..

But this one is my favorite. 
He has his statue in an island in the middle of the lanes in the road .. with flowers growing around the statue and a large enough walk where you can stand as long as you wish and admire  and smile and take pictures  ..

He is General San Martin.
He was one of the main leaders of Argentina's fight for Independence from Spain. He is The National Hero of Argentina. 

There is a Plaza San Martin too , a beautiful park with a statue of him on a horse.

So walking back home, we passed the Flower again ... ( Thank you Wikipedia for the photo, I have to go take one of my own, maybe tomorrow ) ..


  1. I did a geography report on Argentina in the 6th grade and have had a fascination ever since. It seemed like such a beautiful place, and I love reading about it on your blog. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful tour. It's lovely seeing your fave places through the lens and your words. Have a great week!

  3. Thank you Ju and thanks regarding the photos. I no longer have the wonderful SLR that I learned to use all those years ago, so now it is my little Cannon G3 .. it works pretty well. . although I like more of a zoom ..

    Mrs D .. I bet it hasn't changed that much since your 6th grade class .. I am glad you are enjoying this.


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