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Alan Cohen
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Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Friday

 This had another meaning to it in the "other world" . 

Oh yes, it was still the end of the week  but it also meant, looking forward to sleeping late, seeing friends, shows, maybe going away for the weekend... 

Here, for us , every day is Friday. 
We stay up late ( everyone does) and we sleep late ( a lot of people seem to) and we meet friends any day  or night of the week, we eat out whenever we feel like it and we see movies or go to museums and shop, any day we feel like it. 

But some days stand out , Friday is Nely Day.. our housekeeper shows up, all smiles and kisses and full of laughter and love for us and for Pup.  We all look forward to seeing Nely , Pup adores her, she understands my Spanish and the house is wonderful when she leaves ..  We love Nely.

Some days are good for Museums being open, new movies being in the theatre, certain nights there are free   concerts and  weekends are good for the Feria here in Recoleta and in Palermo and San Telmo. Each with it's own character and charm, and all fun.

We took advantage of the San Telmo fairs while furnishing the apartment. Looking in all the antique stores, learning that even though they are dusty and beaten up and stuffed in a back dark corner of a room, there are treasures from homes here that might have originally come from France or Italy or Spain and while not cheap, are not impossible to buy.

In Recoleta, I love shopping in November and December for presents to send to our family, hand made jewelry, original paintings, carved objects, hand made knitted scarves and shawls and silver, beautiful silver jewelry, knives and maté cups with silver straws. And leather, lots of leather.. 

Palermo has the open air markets and feria, where you will find more of the handmade goods and then other things like hand made soap that smells like coconut or roses and jasmine , handbags made of crocheted lace and  leather .

Of course, all this walking , shopping and looking makes a person hungry. 
The  restaurants and cafes in the area open early , put the tables and chairs out and serve all day, into the night.
We have our favorite places for each neighborhood. 
A Mexican place that makes a decent guacamole served along with a deadly Margarita.
Or the Lobby Bar of a hotel that serves beautiful little snacks along with a perfect Bloody Mary.

Or we go to a neighborhood where the buildings are at least 100 years old, all the windows have window boxes with flowers in them and the streets are cobblestone and you can suddenly find yourself all alone with maybe only a little cat to keep you company. Birds sing, traffic sounds seem far away, people and the world seem far away !

Then you turn a corner and there it all is, right there.. noise, people, and a French Brasserie !

Of course,  we have to taste test the ice cream in whichever neighborhood we are in.. this could be troublesome if we made a habit of this, if we did it more than , say, 4-5 times a week .
We think though, that all the walking we do, burns the ice cream calories off first. 

So while every day is really a weekend for us, we still enjoy some things that are just for weekends.


  1. I usually make my family read your blog....I don't think I will share this post with them or they will pick up and move today!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!


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