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Friday, April 2, 2010

I Protest !

Today didn't turn out quite the way I hoped it would. 
I thought we would have a nice quiet morning then take Pup and go for a walk, hang out in the park, maybe go to our favorite cafe a couple of parks away and sit outside with Pup, have coffee and people watch in the fresh air. 
It looked gloomy this morning but ended up being  not too warm and a bit cloudy.
Which is fine with me, I have actually had enough sun for a while, gloomy, cool, fall days are fine, send them right away !

So we walked down to the park but as my husband had noticed earlier, the police were setting up these iron fences that close off the street that ends at the British Consulate.  
And not far from that is the British Ambassadors residence .. a mansion I really like.
 Our Spanish professor taught the last Ambassador Spanish, I had offered to take classes with them at their house but she never did tell them and then we quit taking classes, so there went that chance to hang out with the Ambassador and his wife in that very nice mansion.

So we walk by it all the time instead. There are cameras all over the place, I feel safe knowing that they know I am there and I like to think if anything happened, someone would come out and be helpful. 

The President of Argentina was out in the countryside and made a speech and made some remarks about the Malvinas (Falkland Islands) and England .. I stay out of this, I do not discuss politics and I try never to make disparaging remarks about the President or politics to anyone here.. I mean really, who am I to comment on their way of doing things ? 
But there is a lot of anger and bad feelings about the British and the oil drilling and this resulted in  a day long protest here, in my neighborhood, much of it going past my door.

So the barricades were set up, police were everywhere, we walked through the parks then decided to head home, walking past the Ambassadors residence.. past many many heavily armed, helmeted , booted Federal policemen and their armored cars, tank like trucks and trucks with water canons on top. 
They all liked Pup and  acted like it was an everyday thing to have artillery and armored vehicles on the road in the nice quiet neighborhood where we walk each day. 

Pup got all happy because he was out walking, I got all happy when I saw that the rather huge crowd of protesters was still being held back from the street.

Not long after we got inside the apartment, they started the march, the singing , the yelling and drumming and banging and yelling and , well, it went on all day.
For about 10 minutes I got a kick out of the drummers... it was almost better than a  a   School Marching Band... but then it just got annoying already.... 
My husband wondered, how come his arms don't fall off? how can anyone bang on a drum ALL DAY and not have his arms fall off?

This is just another one of Life's little questions that will never be properly answered.

So that was my day, hiding in the apartment from the noise and sight and sound of angry Argentines with drums.

Photos later... I still can't figure out how to download my own camera ....  and I have 10 mosquito bites and they are all starting to itch at once which means my can of  OFF isn't working .

Maybe I should bang a drum.

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