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Sunday, April 4, 2010

How about an Easter Horse?

No mention of Easter rabbits down here, not around me anyway. But today the big event was a parade of horses from a wonderful show that went on at La Rural.. a place where you can see agricultural shows, exhibitions, cattle, horses etc.
Today the event ended with the parade, from La Rural to our neighborhood and through various streets back to La Rural.
Now I grew up wanting a horse. If I could not have one, I wanted to be one. I have only slightly gotten over this. And here I am, horse country, some of the most beautiful horses ever !
Pup has always liked horses, not sure why, what started it. When we lived in Portland, he met a Budweiser Clydesdale .. how many pups get to meet one of those ? Even then, he would do his warbling little yodel and in this event, the horse looked down from his great height , ears pricked forward and gently, slowly gave a sniff in the general direction of that wiggling mass of eager to meet you Pup.

Which brings us to today. I brought Pup along to the park to see the horses. I hoped that he would not completely freak out and have to be taken home , delirious with the joy of seeing that many horses at once. But no, again he made me so proud of him, he wiggled, warbled and only yodeled quietly. My husband made a video of the horses, you can hear them clip clopping along the Avenue and along with that sound, is this slight warbling noise ... 
We saw Polo Ponies and Gaucho's and Pup's favorites, the Mounted Police. We saw Thoroughbreds and Arabians, ladies on beautiful horses, and some pretty nice looking men on horses too!

They marched down the street, past the Belle Artes Museum ( the pink building in the background) and then turned and went back on the street that goes back to La Rural..
and then we came home too.
Now we are going back out to walk and wander, wonder what other wonderful sights we will see ~


  1. I'd never heard of an "Easter horse" before, so thank you! Also, as a child I so desperately wanted a horse. My paternal grandfather owned a livery stable, and one of my uncles was a jockey, then a paddock judge, so horses are "in my blood". (Although I never wanted to actually BE a horse, that I can remember, LOL!) Of course people who comment on polo and horse-racing being "the sports of kings" have never actually done their own tacking, LOL!

    Happy Easter!

  2. Oh good Pup, only low "for family ears only" yodeling!

  3. Hi, Just spent some time with your blog. It reads like good travel writing. Makes me want to travel, the city seems lovely. Thanks for putting this on the web. I'll be poking around from time to time.

  4. Really, what a wonderful read this is. So glad you're writing about your experience there as I love reading about it, and I love your photos! :-)

  5. I love the easter horse :)
    and we should have known each other sooner! I grew up in the midwest...I could ride my pony well before I could walk, and I got my first "big" horse at 7. Those horses kept me out of trouble and uninterested in boys until the hormones couldn't be subdued at 16....but what a glorious 16 years of horses it was. I treasure every memory.


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