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Thursday, April 22, 2010


After mistakenly thinking we had to do one more Red Tape chore and getting up at 5 am one more time, taxi to the wrong place, then to another wrong place, back to the place we were in yesterday and being told that we should wait until we get a letter in 3 months then come back, all for a stamp in our passport.. we went home.. as Permanent Residents.

Time to start the Celebration...

We spent the day in Palermo Soho today.
The weather is perfect, sunny and cool. Dry and perfect weather for walking miles, looking in windows, people watching, stopping, shopping and eating.

We had lunch in Meridiano 58 which is where Buenos Aires  is on the Meridian line ( or something)... the food is great and best of all, the seats are these big banquets with lots of big pillows and you sit by the big window and munch, sip, talk, people watch, listen to music and then sit back and think to yourself... We Did It.

We moved here, we live here and now it is Official.. we are permanent residents of Buenos Aires Argentina.
Who would have imagined that 4 years ago, when we were living in Portland, Oregon and wishing we could find a house and wishing it would stop raining and wishing things were more lively ... that we would read some articles in magazines and end up visiting here and then 5 months later we would move here.

Are we crazy or what ??

Pup says 'or what' ... I think we might have been crazy in some ways but as in all things that we  do, things just seem to work out fine.

We love our apartment, we love our neighbors who seem to really like us .. and we enjoy every day here.

Today I noticed I spoke to a lot more people in Español .. it just was easy .. tomorrow I might not remember anything but today it worked.

We took the family to a restaurant tonight that we really like and it was better than ever.
Rabas and Malbec and Pasta and of course, Flan with Dulce de Leche.
I told the waiter we were Permanent, he acted like it really meant something to him, shook our hands, congratulated us .. Muy Bien !

Tomorrow we will continue to celebrate.
No idea what we are doing, I am just looking forward to that big bed and sleeping in tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I am hoping we will go to a Classical Music concert, I am sure my sister in law will like that..

So tonight was a very good, first nights celebration of a 3 year quest to be residents of this wonderful city.
Muy Bien ~


  1. Congratulations! Finally you are there for good. :)

  2. Argentina is a country I've always wanted to visit - even if just to say it wasn't my fault!

    The Latino(?) type temprement is so much better than our reserved one. The waiter was genuinely honoured that you'd chosen his country. Marvellous stuff.

    If it wasn't for Maradonna I'd actually like 'em a lot!...;-)

  3. Thank you, yes ! We are here for good or as long as we wish .. and now we can relax and enjoy it all.
    The Latin temperament is definitely a big bonus, especially here. Find something wrong with a place where everyone kisses you hello and goodbye ..
    FD... maybe someday you will come here on a visit and even Maradona wouldn't keep you away :)

  4. Congratulation on your Permanent status. Loved the Gotan Project clip! Who would watch Dancing with the Stars when this is out there?

  5. Thank you for keeping Argentina so close...I read each post and I think that pretty soon I will be writing about the same things...can't wait!


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