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Saturday, March 13, 2010


My birthday is coming  .  
Pretty soon I will be a grown up and will be able to drink and wear make-up, but in the meantime, I have been pretending to be grown-up and doing these things anyway.

As well as trying to guess   what I am getting for my birthday, where we will go for dinner and should I make a really big deal out of it since it is still a novelty to be in Buenos Aires. 
Or should I grow up already and stop this birthday fuss every year?

I would think about it some more, but  thinking is tiresome and there are some who believe it is not that good for your health.

In the meantime, where to go for dinner and to celebrate? 
What kind of food do I want ?
What sort of atmosphere?

Somewhere lively and noisy and cheerful ? or quiet and elegant with perfectly prepared and served dishes that are almost too pretty to eat. 
Somewhere we have been before or try a new place? 

This gets difficult because there is an extra level of disappointment when you try a new place for a celebratory dinner and the restaurant does not meet expectations, it dampens the birthday party , so to speak. 
So I am thinking, somewhere we already know and like.. 

The list would include Indian food, Mexican , Italian .... French ? maybe, there is a place that is super romantic and French, but maybe that is too serious... it is My Birthday!! let's get happy and silly ! 

I believe  a Mexican Restaurant on Puerto Madero, with a view of downtown Buenos Aires might  be a good spot for celebrating.. 
You know the Mexican food will not taste like any that I have had before, but their margaritas are lethal and we will have lots of laughs. 

And if one is not Thinking, one should be Laughing. 


  1. Puerto Madero sounds so good right now, even if I'm not crazy about Mexican food. Regarding your comment on my post: I hope to be able to sell my stuff when I move back to BA!

  2. It is funny because my own b-day is a couple of weeks after yours. (We have to stick together, you know!) I will be in the greater Boston area on my birthday, but I will also be flying back home. I have to be in Boston for a medical appointment on April 9th. I have friends there, so I hope to visit with them, and eat good food, and I usually do, which is why I enjoy my travels out there so much. I am hoping for the present of a clean bill of health--in my own case, nothing can really top that.

    No matter where you end up, I hope you have a really great birthday!


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