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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday in the Park

I absolutely love Sundays here!
And a Sunday when the weather is just about as perfect as it can get, is just icing on the cake.
The sky is very blue, there are clouds flitting by, a soft breeze and no mosquitoes.. it can't get better than this.
Oh ... yes , it can ... there were a few bands in the parks today.
One is a Jazz band and I have to tell you, I am not a big fan of Jazz but these guys made me like Jazz today.
We were just going to give the Pup a walk, wander around "our" parks and then come back , leave him and go to the market for something for dinner because we feel like staying in tonight  and eating , drinking and reading and maybe seeing a movie on the telly.
Yes, it is true, we are old Fogies.

As we approached the park, you could hear the rock band playing. There was a small group of girls , every one of them staring intently at the young men playing in the band.
It was cute.
The music was ... so so .

As we walked around the monument.. there were 4 young guys sitting in the shade.. I noticed them mostly, because they were all wearing dresses.
Not fancy dresses, but your grandma's ( or maybe your) cotton house dress that she wore to do the ironing or just for lolling around the house in.
So here we have 4 young guys, 2 with dreadlocks and a couple with funny hats and they are just hanging out in their dresses in the shade.
Pup went to for a closer inspection, but changed his mind. We wandered a bit farther.

The Big Open Bus came and unloaded its cargo of Sightseers , loaded down with cameras, maps and backpacks.
I always want to tell them that it is a huge city, there is water and food and whatever you need, you do not have to carry it all with you ... but I just smile and wander away.
Often, in this park, we are asked to take a photo of a couple of tourists. I love doing this.
What is really fun is when they ask us in Spanish. And I answer in English.
I like the looks of surprise or relief when that happens.
I know, it doesn't take too much to entertain me.
My husband is the photographer so often since I am wearing sunglasses and am probably certifiably blind ... I tell him, Here, you take it.
There is always great happy smiling and thanking as they leave, after first doing what he tells them to do .. look and see if it is good, if not, I will take another one.
He is just so cool  ..

So we wander and talk , mostly about what we want for dinner and what do we need to buy.. you know, really important issues.
And I always keep an eye on Pup who actually, always keeps an eye on us.
If I walk too far away, he comes galloping over to us.. he wouldn't let us get too far away.
He is accosted by a few male dogs who want to assure themselves that he is a boy dog and that no, they really cannot do anything risk√© ... Pup will growl.. so there is this dog dance that they do- circling, sniffing, then Pup grows bored and runs along.. the other dog watches him go, sort of disappointed and  sad looking.

So we are aware of the music as we walk and when we do the full circle and end up back where we began, there is the band.. wait a minute ! are those ? yes ! they are !!
The band is wearing dresses, not any dress but grandma's house dress. I am suddenly more willing to listen to Jazz, there is a small gathering of people listening, a few people like us, stand and listen.. even Pup listened... well, while he sniffed around.

The totally insane inebriated man from around the neighborhood, danced to the music.
The drummer was outstanding! I don't blame the man for dancing, I considered it for a minute.. well, maybe 3 seconds. Maybe I need to get totally drunk to dance in the park too.

I am sure this just shows that I am too uptight and straight-laced and a fuddy duddy and need to loosen up, chill out and have some fun.
I did walk with a slight bounce to my step, does that count?

As we left the park, there were many people arriving.
I was glad, those boys in the house dresses were really good and deserved a good audience..

So we made our way home, stopping at our produce market where we bought the most perfect cherry tomatoes and now we will relax and spend the rest of the day, doing what we do best on Sundays, nothing much at all.. slowly ..


  1. Dresses? And they weren't like your regular cross dressers? I wonder what that was all about.

    The trees in the top picture are gorgeous. What kind are they?

  2. You know what keeps me coming back to your blog, Candice? The fact that you can see the same beauty I see every time I'm in BA. I love your appreciation for the city, for the people, for the culture, all things that Argentinians take for granted. I thank you so much for your candid words in each post about Argentina, I hope some day we can meet and enjoy un helado abajo del gomero de la Recoleta.

  3. I am pretty sure they were just being goofy.

    Those are Jacarandas.. full of the most fabulous scented purple/blue flowers in Spring and Fall.
    Many of the trees flower here , twice.

  4. Nice and Easy ... that is a definite. Until then, chau ~

  5. That description reminds me of a day my BFF were in Ann Arbor. We were actually in the process of moving out of the dorm and into an apartment for summer. We saw a very swarthy, hairy guy walking down the street in a pink taffeta dress, a pink hat, gloves and a handbag. Some guys in another car started wolf-whistling and the guy in the dress, in one of the deepest voices I have ever heard said "Blow it out your ear!"!! My BFF and I were convulsing with laughter!

    Sounds like an absolutely beautiful Sunday.


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