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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Off to Palermo

My friend Sandra , has this amazing blog/website. 
We (actually my husband) discovered her when we were planning our trip here, then planning the move, then planning what to do when we are bored or wondering what is going on in Buenos Aires this week.

So thanks to her brilliant knowledge of what is going on in town, we are going to Palermo today. ** 
Saturday not today , thank you Sandra... now my husband can buy paint for the painter when he comes ... someday .. **
Palermo is a huge barrio that is broken into Palermo Viejo , Palermo Soho, Palermo Hollywood. 
I think the largest and original ( not sure of my facts at all) is Palermo Botanico. 
This is where the Botanical Gardens are  and the Zoo and the huge Parque Las Heras.   
The race track (Hippodrome ) and polo fields are there too ..  

If you want to see cobblestone streets with old interesting buildings from the past,or
trees reaching towards each other over the streets, Palermo is a good spot to visit.

If you have any interest in shopping and eating, Palermo is the place to go..
There is "design tour" going on .. I think it sounds very interesting and who knows, with all those shops and all those cafes, there are all sorts of probabilities of more birthday celebrating to do ( yes, I use the birthday as an excuse for as long as possible) ..  

So today , this is where we will be on Saturday ..."Por la calle" Textile design tour - Palermo


  1. My aunt is a quilter and incredible seamstress, and would swoon at the chance to attend a show like that. Enjoy yourself, and take some photos!

  2. Happy belated birthday, I'm a March baby too - a Pisces. Looking forward to those pictures!


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