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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life is just a Walk in the Park .. or something

I promised myself to remember to bring the camera on our next walk with Pup to the park. So here I have all the photos I could take on our walk through 3 of the parks where we like to wander, amble, gaze , relax and sniff... well , one of us sniffs, the other two not so much.

This is where I go to fill that need for green spaces,  for  the sights and sounds  of all sorts of birds and to relax and breath in the (surprisingly ) fresh air. 
Just within these three parks there are many things for people to do, a Museum of Fine Art, with a nice cafe, a reservoir for boat races on Sundays, areas for Sunday soccer (futbol) games and picnics and sunbathing. ... if it is not freezing cold winter, there will be someone lying on a blanket, sunbathing.. really. I have leather bags that are not as tanned.

The statues never fail to interest me, they are so big , who are these people that they rated such a large statue and why do the Graffiti pinheads have to spray these statues??

The statue of the man with one hand missing is in the middle park and that behind him is the fenced in gardens to the Embassy of Great Britain. That statue is the one with the little army of leaf cutter ants who march on their little highways worn bare in the grass, to go under/inside the base of the statue. I cannot ( don't really want to) imagine what it looks like inside there.

And being a lover of all things green and leafy, I always wonder what sort of trees and bushes these are and I know I must find a book that will tell me. So I don't have to refer to them as the Umbrella Trees or the Trees that Rain on you every year ( I think those are the jacarandas, they have water in their leaves and if the slightest wind blows, they sprinkle water on you ... our first year here, we went crazy trying to figure out where the rain was coming from ... The Tree you idiot !! )

So .. enjoy the photos and our parks..    

The Museum of Fine Arts

The statue of the guy with one hand and a lot of ants in his pants.

Pup in the Park

One of the many flowering trees in the park

                                                                                               The flowers on that tree

General Mitres statue
and below, a close up 

Boat Reservoir 


  1. LOL, I loved "ants in the pants". You would so love Rome. In a particular part of the Parco Borghese, all the statues have been amputated, and in another, all have been castrated!

    Pup looks right at home there!

  2. What a fabulous walk!
    Simply awesome!


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