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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why Buenos Aires?

You might be asking yourself, Why did they move to Buenos Aires?
What made them pack up their belongings and the dog and go somewhere that they had only been to for two weeks?
And you might also wonder, how did they do it all, not even speaking Spanish?

We lived in the Northeast US , we sold our home and decided one night over dinner, that it might be fun to just move to an entirely different place. The kids are grown and gone from home, Pup was all up for a car ride, the only thing we had to decide was Where?

After a visit to our daughter in Northern Florida, we decided to buy a house there and enjoy year round good weather.
So on a January day , when it was 7ยบ F outside, the three of us got into the car and said goodbye to snow and drove to Florida.
Our love affair with Florida turned out to be just a fling, there was no way we were going to love a place that made us run to the bathroom to cower with the dog in the bathtub while the tornado warnings were blaring on the radio. There was no way I could love a place that had 5 hurricanes in one summer . And who could enjoy that big backyard when there were clouds of mosquitoes waiting to attack ?

That was when we decided to go visit Portland, Oregon.
They don't have hurricanes. We went in August. One of the two best months in the year.
We fell in love with Portland, the people, the place , the cool nights and wait a minute ~ No mosquitoes !!
We flew back home, put the house on the market, sold it, packed up Pup and the Stuff and drove across the country to our new home in Oregon.

We arrived in September, the other best month of the year. It was like a honeymoon. Sunshine, dry and comfortable, friendly people, dog parks, coffee .. lots of coffee.
By February , my husband was looking a little glum, the dog was looking a little damp and I was wondering ... Where in Europe is there a city that has not too much rain, not too much snow, not too much heat and no mosquitoes.

Every time we read the papers or a magazine, which was every day.. rainy days- books , you know.. what else is there to do? Buenos Aires was mentioned. My husband started to get interested, maybe we should take a trip, see what it is like...

So we flew to Buenos Aires at the end of October. On November 6th , we celebrated our anniversary ( we have been married 100 years now) and fell in love with Buenos Aires .
We met a lovely man who was a realtor , he took us around one day to see a selection of what you can get for X amount of dollars.

Then we went home and said to each other.. we will think about it. No rushing into this.
We can't keep doing this and it will be so much more complicated. And we will have to sell the car.
That almost made me say Forget it ! I loved that car. Pup loved that car. H drove it across the country , Florida to Oregon in five days and that little car said , What ? That's it ? Let's go for a real drive !
Now I had to think about saying goodbye to my little car?

Five months later, after going through the trauma of saying goodbye to the car, mucho dollars for paperwork that had to be translated, stamped, notarized and stamped again, then a day flying to Los Angeles to the Argentine Embassy to get our Visas ... we left the United States, with Pup, at the end of April, headed to our new home in Buenos Aires.

And that was only the beginning ~

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  1. Amazing! I often dream of doing this as well. Funny, we live in NE Central FL and I dream of Southern Oregon or the Bend area and Scotland. My husband can't stand the cold nor I the heat here and as you mentioned (mosquitos, tornados and hurricanes).

    So happy to have found you blog via Scotlandforthesenses. Your blog title caught my attention. =) Have you read the book, "The Wee Mad Road"? They moved from Minnesota to Scotland. Website is

    I'm looking forward to your future posts!


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