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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Music

No matter where you go in Buenos Aires, there will most likely be music playing.
Stores often have music with English lyrics, some familiar, some not but almost always, enjoyable.
I have been in stores where the music was so good, I stayed longer ... just to listen.
Every once in a while, a store will have some fantastic Spanish music playing and I want to ask someone , Who is singing? What is the name of the CD? But I am reluctant to ask in my version of Spanish, the opportunity passes.

Walking down the street, passing a store, Tango music drifts out. My husband and grabs me and pretends he will sweep me into a Tango, I push him away, laughing, blushing.

Stuck in traffic in a taxi, no air-conditioning on a hot afternoon, all windows open, radio on .. I recognize the music, Linda Ronstadt ! Canciones de me Padre ? Good Mexican music in a taxi in Buenos Aires.
I try not to sing along too loudly, just in case my voice is not music to the taxi drivers ears.

Restaurants can be counted on for some good music. A Pizza restaurant hat plays Rock music so loud, it feels more like we wandered into a disco that serves pizza. But I catch myself, eating pizza, bouncing to the beat, feet tapping, any minute now I will be dancing next to the table.
And the restaurant in San Telmo, where I love the opera arias that we were listening to, when suddenly, I realized, that man is actually singing. An opera singer, strolling through the restaurant, singing, wonderful.

Walking in the park with Pup, there are days that I feel like I am in a movie .. "Home" never looks like this, trees never looked like that , statues and flowers and fountains, I must be in a movie, all I need is the soundtrack.

It is there, in the back of my mind.
Some days it is closer to Tango , other days it reminds me of a Wong Kar-Wai film .. waltzing slowly through the park, past the giant plane trees, leaves drifting down, no one there but my husband and I and the music.

Standing on the street on a windy day, my hair blows into my face, the cars, buses and trucks fly past, there is a song that goes with this ... Waiting at the light, watching as it changes to green, everyone is coming towards me , almost in step, is there a rhythm to it ?
I think I can hear the music.

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Anonymous said...

This was a delightful read! Well paced and fun it conjures up a lovely stroll through Buenos Aires.

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