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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Cook, The Blog and The Dog

Blogs and cooking and decorating. . I seem to have become obsessed with cooking blogs and when I am not copying down recipes , I am looking at decorating blogs and trying to figure out how to get my husband to go for the idea of painting all of our furniture white.
Or finding a house out in the countryside that is maybe one room with a loft bedroom and 10,000 acres or hectares of campo and I can have all white furniture there.
It is not about being in the country, it is about getting to paint all the furniture white.
Although, getting away now and then would be lovely.

We don't ever get away.
We have no car... that story is a tear-jerker.
The lovely car that took us from NY to Florida to Oregon , had to stay behind. We could not bring it to Buenos Aires with us and it broke my heart.

And now, I want to go somewhere and we would have to rent a car.
Then we would have to figure out how to read the road signs, not get killed on the notoriously slightly dangerous highways where no one pays the slightest bit of attention to speed limits, where buses and cars pass trucks all going at high speed and the accident/death rates here are scary high.

But this is the only way we can get away, you see, we have Pup.
I have no Pup sitter. Therefore, where we go, he goes.
This is not a bad thing ordinarily, but I am getting wanderlust big time and Pup can't fly or drive or take the ferry.
He enjoys a good car ride too ..

I know eventually someone will be suitable to stay here with the dog and we can go away for holidays or at least for a weekend. Or we will figure out the road signs and I will take a pill and sleep through the drive.
It takes hours to get anywhere here! This country is huge !!
Maybe Pup had better come with us, I would not be able to hurry home if he needed me. . I would be in the Andes or something, getting altitude sickness or down South looking at penguins or in Bariloche ..

So I have turned my attention to the apartment and decorating.
It helps that I am now in the middle of yet another plumbing adventure that They promise will be finished tomorrow.
Then walls will have to dry then be painted.
Maybe I will choose new colors, maybe I will just re-do the entire apartment? All white?
Or maybe I will just cook something tasty ..


  1. I so wish I could pupsit, but then you'd be gone while I was there.

  2. Pup looks so handsome sitting in the car. I'm sure he'd like to go for a road trip. Perhaps just a short one the first time.. just to sort of test it out!

  3. I'm sure your spouse finds your cooking more interesting and important than having white furniture. If it's any consolation, I often think of white furniture. I gave in last year and had the kitchen cabinets painted an off-white color which I love! However, looking out my window right now, watchig snow piling up, I am not so fond anymore of white anything...


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