It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Cat chat

You can feel sad, you can feel blue and lonely but if you have a cat or a dog, life is much better.
My cats tell me that I don't need a dog.
There are days that I agree with them.

Honey likes to nap .. while I am on the computer ... she always stays close by.

You can get an idea of the difference in Honey and Minette size-wise.
Minette I can pick up with one hand, Honey breaks my back when I pick her up with both hands/arms.
And then there is Merlin ... magical beautiful softer than soft, Merlin my love.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


It is a sunny day ... bright and clear and quiet. The creatures in the forest behind me are having a late Sunday sleep-in on .. the cats slept in a bit which was lovely, I think the cold had something to do with it, no one wanted to get out from under those covers !
It might be Florida and it is cool out but not too cold but the air conditioner has a mind of its own and we all wake up huddled together, freezing in the night.
Tonight I will just turn the whole damn thing off and see what happens.
It will probably turn itself on and freeze us tomorrow.

Today's List of Things to Do is easy.
1- Closets/Throw Away ...
I will put on some good music, I think  Tango  will be the choice and I will open the windows and get to work.
Luckily it is not a huge job, considering I haven't even unpacked some boxes after arriving here.
Winter clothes ... real winter clothes .. are in the closet, easy to put right back into a box.

The one thing that can really brighten a person's outlook is the idea of Having a Choice.
Of course there are all levels of choice and happily this one is mine to make ..  based on the choices of myself and others. And the cats chose the other day, when we were listening to the radio talk about Tornados and Hurricanes.. some choices are just easier than others ...

More choices to come, stop and think about it ... How Many Choices Do You Make Each Day ?
It will make you laugh at how many there are, of all levels and importance ...

I hope your choices today are those that make a person happy, you know, chocolate or vanilla, silk or cotton, Paris or Buenos Aires ... you know, choices...

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Today .... Let This Be You


Blogging, Puppies and Change

As some might already know, I have a photo blog on tumblr.
Every morning, tumblr sends me the newest blogs and blogs that are in the category of subjects that I like. My category has gotten smaller .. I am getting to be a picky old lady who no longer wants to see naked people unless they are babies and I am always ready for some cat/kitten,  dog/puppy photos.

Imagine my delight when I came across this on tumblr ..

Now my new morning routine is to sit here with a massive cup of coffee, I think it is the equivalent of 3 ordinary sized cups .. and I check my blogs then spend a good half hour or so, browsing the Other Blogs.
This one is my newest favorite and is guaranteed to start the day with a smile .. at least .. I have already laughed out loud this morning.

Give it a browse and tell me if you agree.
Does it make you want a cat or dog / kitten or puppy ?
I have enough cats, Thenk yew veddy much but I do want a dog .. a puppy for Merlin to ignore, for Minette to stalk and for Honey to arm wrestle with.

Not now- not yet .... Changes are coming, no pups allowed here, the cats were a BFD ... but times are changing .. stay tuned here .. I will try to keep you up on Things.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Paris ... or ... Italy .... or Buenos Aires ?

I don't know why but living in a new modern Condo in Florida just doesn't have the same appeal as being in one of these old buildings in Buenos Aires.
Partly , for me, they remind me so of Paris .. if you need to daydream about living in Paris, instead of Buenos Aires ..
The blends in the architecture and the city, with its parks like Paris, its buildings like Paris and Italy, its food and customs a blend of Europe and South America.. all make it unique and familiar and so very appealing.
I only ever wanted to live in London.
My ancestors were from England .. I blend in there .. I even speak the language !
Well, mostly.

I fell head over heels in love with Paris when we went there for a long weekend, while staying in a flat in London one year. From then on, we went back every year, once or twice in the year, to Paris.
When my husband decided to retire, we played with the idea of London , Paris we worried would be too difficult with the language ..
But then, as fate would have it, we went to Argentina on a holiday and my husband asked me one month later, How would you like to move to Buenos Aires ?

And so it went ....

This was a neighboring building, in Buenos Aires.
Our building was similar, smaller, not as beautiful on the outside but with marble floors and soaring high ceilings and French doors throughout  ... it fulfilled every dream I ever had of what I would like my home to look like if I lived in Europe / France or England or ....

to be continued

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In My Dreams

We are  walking down the sidewalk, hearing snippets of Tango music coming from a window as we pass by .. the only other sound is the birds in the trees. Someone has a window open with a little bird in a cage, in the window, getting fresh air .. it sings its own sweet little tango song.

Time stands still here ...

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Small Things Mean So Much

Recently, someone from my Other Life ( in Buenos Aires), asked me about My Christmas.
How was it, what did I/we do, where did I go ... did the cats get a lot of presents ?
All the Fun Holiday stuff that Americans do for holidays ...
It was mildly embarrassing and very saddening for me to answer ..
I was alone for Christmas. I got presents for my cats. They liked them. I got no presents. 
I had no visitors, well one that night and there was nothing Christmassy about it.
When my husband died, it was October. That Christmas is a hazy dream that I try not to remember.
But family drove from far away and not so far away and spent time with me and kept me from feeling like the only person left on the planet.
Well, here I am ... the only person on this planet. With cats.

So ... I got mail. 
One piece of mail in the mailbox, right after Christmas.
A card. 
The only Christmas card that I received this year.
It was from my bank. But the sweet thing about it was that every single person who works at that bank, signed it. I can't imagine they do this for every customer and even if they do, it was my only Christmas card and it was lovely. And I can never really tell them how much it meant to me. 
Funny, the last place / person you expect to make your day brighter can do a perfect job doing such a small thing ..

Blogging may be sporadic or manic, can't tell yet but I am going to be busy doing Things that I will blog about later ... when things are more confirmed.  

Monday, February 20, 2017

A Florida Day

It's a Florida Day.
The sun is shining, there is a cool breeze and the rooms are filled with light .. sun puddles on the floor, light cool air floating in through open windows.. silent except for the occasional sound of a distant siren or more cool, a jet taking off from the base nearby.
I am reminded of  the sunshine and blue skies of Buenos Aires, where I wish to be ..

I will put all thoughts of sadness, hurt and meanness behind me and enjoy the day with the cats.
I will continue with my plan.
This will keep me cheerful, looking forward and busy.

I wish you all a lovely day, a Good Monday and some kind of nice surprise, even if it is a tiny one.
Surprises when good, are little Treasures found.

Parque-Buenos Aires .. photo:notesfromabroad

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Way Down Here in Florida

So, Honey wanted to know last night if she could go outside and play today.
There is no making a cat understand the word "No" ... so we did something I consider dangerous.
I carried Honey ( who weighs at least 10 lbs ) around the house then we stepped out of the lanai and went right back inside.
She seemed to have been satisfied, she has not asked me again.
Now Minette, I have to watch out because it takes a lot to scare her.  .. And I ... well, these days, I might be more easily scared than I used to be.
Partly because I used to feel so safe and secure. Someone who knew what they were doing, was in charge.
Partly because I worry that  I forgot a really important reason why something is a good idea or not.

And that is what I am dealing with these days.
If something is a good idea.
You know how it is, if you really want something, then you can think of all the reasons why it is a good idea.
So the cats and I have been laying low and also ... waiting to see if anything changes.

So was a gorgeous day ... no a/c needed but bright sun and blue skies.
All I can hear is distant airplanes sometimes, (AF Base) and an occasional car going by.
Today I heard a dog bark ... why mention it ? it is the first time I have heard one since I have lived here.

The cats looked puzzled and went back to sleep.
I looked slightly curious then went back to my book.

All is quiet and well , way down here in Florida.

My beautiful boy Merlin ... he has gotten more energetic as the day has gone on ... I am willing him to remain with me ...

Saturday, February 18, 2017


I am running out of things to blog about. The subjects are limited... cats, large cats, small cats, little blue cats, very large very sweet cats, one very old and very precious cat .. you see what I mean.

I picture my head with a glass panel so you can see what is happening inside.
The best description I can think of is a Gerbil on a Treadmill. non stop.

Of course, it is interrupted with cat issues, cat discussions, cat kisses, and just snuggling with one or four cats and that is totally enjoyable.

Last night the new pastime reared its head ... Sephora ... and now .. Anthropologie .. I am waiting for pretty things to arrive. Things that remind me of things I bought in Buenos Aires ... that I still have but I felt like 1- Shopping 2- Wearing something new ..
I am sure the clerks at Publix are sick of seeing me in the same things all the time.

The cats are great about it ... as long as I am happy, they are happy.
Sounds like a Good Husband doesn't it ?

So I am sitting here with the sun blazing into the room, right on me ...
The cats are lying around here and there. I made my bed, that was great fun for all. Now they are resting from all the fun ...

Of course, Honey mentioned that playing games uses up calories and she was feeling a little peckish.

Next I am going to start with the closets and drawers and see how many movers boxes there are and get going.
If I don't blog for awhile, it will be because I am packing, playing with cats, taking a break , playing with cats ..

Do write, do comment, I will see you later .. Have a Fabulous weekend.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday ...

This is not what I will be doing this weekend but , well, you know who in my house will be doing this. All of them !
Merlin continues to ... live. He stays in the little cat cocoon and he eats and drinks but he stays in his little cat cave. My heart breaks when I think about life without Merlin.

Right now I have sweet Honey napping by my chair and Minette is probably under my bed, keeping an eye on her brother Merlin. They are very close. We are all very close. It is a sad time.
I am tired of Sad Times.

I am spending today getting my clothes together ... summer/winter/old/new.
Of course I ordered some goodies on Anthropology.
They should be here in a few days .
I will look like a well dressed Hippie.

I will get my hair cut in NY by my old ( she is young) haircutter ... she is worth waiting for.
So I have a ponytail all the time. Who cares ? not me.

Actually, that is my new attitude.
It is only important if it matters to me. I have put in  too many years of caring and gotten nothing back. And when there is anything miniscule that comes back, it is spoiled soon enough by someone too big for their britches.

Time for people to learn that your actions and your words will come back to haunt you.
In all kinds of ways.

So for now, I am going through the pre packing stages of emptying things and throwing things out and making bags for charity pick up.

I do this every year, when it is time to change the closets for the next Season ... clothes go into bags and those go to Goodwill or whatever is available. Let my clothes have a new life and bring someone else warmth and perhaps even a bit of style :)

Handbags and shoes too.

So if you should think of me today- that photo will not be me.
Now I have to go drag Merlin out of his cat  cave and have a little love fest with him.
I have no way of knowing how many days we have left together so they will all be full of Love.

TGIF y'all !

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

So What Else Is New ?

Today is grey and dreary and cool .. chilly almost. The cats are napping ..I know, so what else is new?
Wanderlust has hit hard ... I know, so what else is new ?
A typical Summer day in Upstate New York. That was my view from the house, every room was all windows and glass so I lived in rooms that were almost the same as being outside. It was best in Summer. Autumn was pretty fine too although most of my trees were evergreens. But beyond that line of trees was miles and miles of corn fields.
There were dairies in the area, cows need to be fed.
In Autumn, the combines had been through, the fields were flat but there were millions of birds day after day, picking up all the corn that was left on the ground.
I saw 2 ... yes, 1 is a miracle to me and I saw 2 Murmurations !!
Imagine, standing in the grass yard, looking at the sky and suddenly it is filled with thousands of blackbirds making a huge sound ... when they fly it is as a cloud .. I believe they are starlings but not positive.
I just know that a gazillion of them came to the fields behind our house, resting and carrying on in my trees, twice ... once is in my opinion, a miracle, twice had me boggled.
I had only seen a Murmuration on a video online that is fabulous, 2 girls in a rowboat on a still lake or waterway of some sort ... when the birds came ... it is truly miraculous to watch it all from beginning to end. Quiet, no birds .... birds and birds and noise and birds .... they leave ... quiet, no birds. All of the trees on my property were full of noisy black birds .. all those trees you see here in this photo plus some.
Yes, after being away from there, being isolated and alone here in the middle of all these people and still alone, I am appreciating what I had .. what I would like to have again.
Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring ... I would like to enjoy those again .. I want to go to the Orchards and get a bushel of apples and smell the house up with baking scents.
I want to go for walks on crisp fall days. I want to visit friends and have a laugh and absolutely go visit my hairdresser and get this hair cut off and styled again !


This is Olana.
Once the home of Frederick Church .. artist, Hudson River School of painters ...
When I took drives or went shopping farther South along the Hudson when I lived in Chatham, NY .. I would always pass Olana. I never went on a tour and never drove up to the house.

This time, when I go back to New York, I am going to Olana.
Isn't it gorgeous ? And it is on a hill, overlooking the Hudson River .. not a bad piece of real estate.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Let's Go South ! What Would You Do ?

Personally I think that is a brilliant idea if I do say so myself.. South .. way South .. Florida is just a tease. And you can understand the language ... mostly.
I happen to be fluent in Southern so I do OK but people like my husband ... they listen to you, then turn and say to someone else ( their wife ) ... What did he say?  As if it weren't English !!

 My husband had a wicked sense of humor and he was very good at getting me crazy.
I miss that ... I miss him. Now I am just slowly getting    that Old Lady with Cats sort of crazy.

But there is a change in the air. Change in location, change in attitude, no change in cats .. some things must stay the same or  ... well ... you know ... me ... brain ... melting ...
So the cats and I are preparing for a New Adventure in this New Year.

Now the question of the day ... this is for you.
If you were dissatisfied with where you live , how you live, if you are alone or with someone ... what would you do ?
Everyone thinks this at one time or another ... so tell me ... what would you do ? where ? with whom?
Would you cut your hair ? lol ... change your looks .. style .. tell me.

I am boring ... I bore me. I bore the cats.
So this is your turn.
Write the blog for me ... tell me what you would do if you could change your life ... any aspect or all aspects of it.

Enjoy the imagining ... put it in the comment section and I will put them in the blog ...
OK ? it will be fun to read them all. ... Now don't make me feel like a jerk with no responses...

TTFN ...



Monday, February 13, 2017

On the Road Again ....

I guess it all started a while back but this Christmas is when it all just came together, for me.
After my husband died, my son and his family would drive for hours to come visit me every weekend.
On holidays like Christmas and birthdays , sometimes it was rough on them, sometimes they just stayed home, the drive would be too much for everyone.
Especially a wee little boy who would be strapped in a seat alone in the back where he would scream for the entire trip.
Making a visit to Grandma's house , lower and lower on the Happy Scale.

It made me very sad, but I also understood .. the clenched jaw, strained look of the daddy, the stunned look of the mama who was not sure what to do   to make that child stop screaming ... you can only prepare food and shovel it in so fast ...
Then he would nap and everyone would chat , quietly .. very quietly ... we would eat then they would go home.
It was not satisfying for anyone.

But I knew they cared, I knew how hard it was to leave their home for a day when they only had 2 days to get so many things done. The thought, certainly did count.

I miss seeing them. I miss that little boy. I miss that big boy ! They will be taking a big trip in the near future, a far away land .. no, not Florida ... farther ... much farther.

I have settled in here .
The cats love it.
I am comfortable. There are no complaints, really, other than the total and utter isolation.

But ....Christmas was the worst of my life ... well, the Christmas when my husband died was the worst, but  even then, my son and family drove up to visit and to help me and to be there ... to spend some time with Mom.
They can't drive down to visit now, they would have to fly .. but they call and we do the iChat thing.
Yes, I am fluent  in  computer techie talk ..  we did the iChat thing and it was mostly satisfying, if you don't count the longing to hold that baby .. get a real kiss instead of making kissy noises to the computer.
No wonder cats think humans are idiots.

So here, alone for the first Christmas since ... well, I can't remember being alone for Christmas before... sitting with the cats .. no tree, no presents, no laughter and music .. a short visit at night by my daughter ..
I tried the music but it depressed me more. The cats went upstairs to bed .. it was a Christmas I hope to forget but it is also a Christmas that taught me something.

I am alone. I can't count on anyone else, really.
It is nice to think someone is there if you need them but then something comes along and you find out ... they aren't there ..when you needed them, they were not there ..or they were so unkind and such jerks, that you don't want them there ... ever.

So the end of the story is ...  I am looking at real estate ... elsewhere.
For myself, the cats and no one else.
And there is no interest in an opinion from anyone else either.
My husband used to say .... " they had their chance and they blew it " ....  but when he said it, he made me laugh, it would be a joke .. it would be about something silly.
But today, I am saying it with all seriousness.

To be continued ......

On The Road Again en Francais

To Help You Get Through Your Monday

In Three Words

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about Life; it goes on . "

Robert Frost

Saturday, February 11, 2017

You Plan and You Plan, then Life Happens

You know, it's funny how things work out.
A person plans, makes plans, has plans ... they figure they know all that can happen, go wrong or hopefully, all go according to the plan.

We left Buenos Aires because a baby was on the way , in NY . We wanted to be there, for them, for us .

I did not plan to leave NY and go South ... not at first.
I thought I would sell the NY house and move into one that was smaller .. a cottage .. a little house for one old woman and her cats with perhaps a tiny garden .. there is such a thing, up there, where I lived .

But "people" advised me not to stay there .. not to Be Alone, not to Spend So Much on a place to live, I would "be alone all the time" ... up there in New York State.

I packed all my belongings, cats into the car and took off to live near my Mom and Daughter and her son and have a different life.
When I lived in Florida with my husband, years ago ... he hated it .. we left finally. A year was about all he could take .. We moved to Oregon then of course, the big move was to Buenos Aires.
All because of an article he read in the paper, a 10 day visit because he couldn't stop thinking about it.
Every step of the way , we were met with signs that moving to Buenos Aires would be a Good Thing.

And it was. Everything happened easily, we were delighted every day with every thing ... even our lack of skill in Castellano was met with smiles and helpfulness ... In the US you can ask for something in English and still not be guaranteed a smiling helpfulness ..attitude, people, attitude.

Our attitude was delight .. everything was different but familiar, the people were on the whole, kind and good natured ... we always believed that people respond to a smile .. and they did.
I mangled their language, and the response was gentle, sometimes laughing and always helpful.
I miss the people of Buenos Aires like I left family behind.

I hated being alone in the NY house .. it had so many sad memories.
But then, when I think about it now .. I have a lot of good memories.
But best of all, it was in a Place that was memorable and that I miss very much.
New York State. It is so beautiful. Mountains, charming towns, farms, ranches, horses, cows , Highland cattle, Llamas ... you name it, you can probably find it up there.

So  here I am ... in Florida. No snow. But hurricanes .. hmmmm.... which would you prefer ?
NY - high heating bills .... Fl - air conditioning running most of the year.
Cost of living - same.
Food and clothes .. same.

All the companionship and not being alone all the time .... same as NY ..  perhaps even worse.

So the cats and I had a discussion .. we do that a lot before bed .. all cozy on my bed, talking about what the plan is for the next day .. sometimes for the next year ..
We decided that we would rather be alone in the country in New York than in Florida.
A snowstorm is not as scary as Hurricanes and Tornadoes .. strange I am sure, but that is what we think.

Christmas ... that did it.
When I was in NY ... visitors drove for hours to spend the day or weekend with me .. keeping me from feeling totally alone in the universe.
In Fl .. I spent Christmas alone. Santa didn't even visit and leave us anything . The cats were pissed.
Luckily, I knew Christmas was coming, I shopped, I got the cats their presents, they were happy.
But that was sort of the last straw ..
If I want to be happy, I have to do whatever it takes.
No one else really cares.
So there we have it .

The Cats Are Quiet ..... that is worrying

Honey is here with me. I cannot leave the room without her knowing .

The others .... well ... we shall see ... I thought I heard muffled laughter and some kitten hiccups earlier.

Friday, February 10, 2017


I will be taking a wee break from posting ..
I have nothing to talk about anyway .
But things are in the works, I don't want to talk about them yet .. don't want to  jinx things, you know ..
Cats are fine, I am fine ... all is well. Might get better ...

Have a fabulous weekend.

See you back here next week.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

All the Little Creatures

If I am not careful, I will become one of those saints .. Our Lady of the Little Creatures...or something.
I got Minette because I wanted a cat, she was waiting for me. We are very pleased with each other.
Then I was just playing with the idea of getting another young cat to be her company when I left her alone at home ...
I might have looked at one website .. nothing .. then I was just for the hell of it, looking at dogs at the shelter .. it got too sad, I went over to the cats page.

Dogs in a shelter will break your heart into a million pieces and that is just their mug shot.
Those faces stay with me forever !
Cats in a shelter often do the same thing but sometimes, I feel like cats have attitudes that suit them better ... they are in a cage in an animal shelter and the look on their face is Get Lost Buster, I am trying to take a nap here !

Then I saw the photo ... the crabbiest looking cat face ... everything was frowning. His attitude reached out of the computer and hit me in the face ...
Bug off Lady !
But then when you really look at it for a minute, you saw a sad old cat that was just horrified at the sounds and lights and people and noise and nothing soft, everything hard, in this world he was thrust into.
I called them, the next morning, they just opened. I was raring to go.
Me :
"Is that cat you named "Cubby" still there ?"
Shelter :
"Yes he is."
"Hold him, I am on my way, tell him I am coming to get him ! "
"I will tell him."

I walked in and they somehow knew it was me. 2 minutes later a lady walked out with him in her arms. This huge long haired, badly cut long hair, squinty blue eyes, cranky faced , beautiful baby with the worst croaky voice .. He has only meowed maybe 3 times since I have had him ... it is not a pretty sound.
Minette meows pretty .... ( that might be the name of a movie some day)

He rode in the front seat next to me, in his crate that I brought with me ... with his own towel to soften the ride, with me telling him who I was and what a life he had ahead of him ! He would soon forget all the Bad Stuff and only enjoy the Good. And that was a Promise.

Minette loved him on sight.
She wraps herself around him, purrs, and sleeps next to him.
They bonded right away, the crabby old man and the sweet little girl.

Tonight I walked out onto the lanai.
I saw Merlin laying on the chair ... dozing to a pillow.
And then I realized , that was not a pillow, it was Minette.

He is fading , I am afraid. He eats which is good, drinks which is good, but he sleeps more and hides .. I have to find him, pull him out from under the bed or wherever and talk to him .. he purrs when I speak to him. But he is most content under the bed all the time .. sleeping and sleeping.
I am so afraid one day he will not wake up.

I knew this was the Downside to getting an old cat.
I would not have done anything different. But I adore that cranky old boy .. I hope he is just feeling bored with living here.

I have my mom's cat, Honey , here too and she fits right in. Merlin might not know she is here yet but she is respectful of him and a sweet natured, young , huge cat/kitten.
She will actually give you a backache if you pick her up ... she might weight 20 lbs . I tried to weigh her and she freaked out when I stepped on the scale ... sigh ... drama queen.

We ( Merlin and Minette , Honey and I) were sitting out watching the sky change colors, from day to twilight to night ... when he perked up, he saw something .. then I noticed Minette, she was statue still, she saw "it" too ...
I slowly walked over by them and looked ... at first I could see nothing ... then I saw it ...
a cat.
A cat much like Merlin  .. a long haired silver cat with dark markings like a Siamese.
Does it have a family ? Is it a neighbor ? Does it need a home ?

To be continued :

I saw The Cat again last night and I am happy to report that his human lives a few doors away from me. The Cat was mooching around, turned and ran back to his own home.
Phew ! that was a close call :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Limp & Lazy

Minette and I felt like this all day today.
A limp, lazy, moving slowly kind of day.

Now we have read about the cold and snow event, coming to the Northeast and we are half happy, glad not to be trapped in with snow and ice and high heat bills.
But high winds and rain down here with words tossed around that sound like Hurricane and Tropical Storm and Wind Damage, make us reconsider the pros and cons of Snow vs Hurricane.

For now, we are tucked in warm and dry with Merlin sleeping on my bed ( after dashing up the stairs, meowing like a mad cat and then dashing into my room where he jumped on the bed and tucked himself in )  , Honey keeping an eye on me in here, and no wind out there so far to make me nervous.
And sweet Minette, hiding under my bed. What she is hiding from is a mystery. But we play along .. pretending we can't see her .. "we" being the other cats and I ... just so you don't think I am crazy.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Living in a Foreign Movie

My view from our living room window .. across a wide Avenue, to the amazing buildings across the street.  It was beautiful at night too, with chandeliers twinkling and often French doors would be open and you could get a glimpse of the high high ceilings , like ours, and sometimes hear music.

It was like living in a foreign movie .

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

All That We Share

All That We Share (from the blog Going Gently)

Black and Blue

There are days when a person should just accept the truth and go with it.
When you wake up and you can think of no reason at all to get up, don't.
Lay there. Accept it , you are staying in bed today.
There are cats to be fed. Feed them. Go back to bed.
If you try to go on as if everything is normal, that it is just another day, you are wrong.
You will regret it.

I woke up this morning with kitties still sleeping.
I should have gone back to sleep.
But no,  I got up for that blasted cup of coffee.

Everything seemed normal, ok ... cats ate breakfast then it was  cat nap time.
I thought about not making the bed, taking a nap with them.
But no, I should have but I didn't .

I bent down to pick up a pillow, Honey, the 2 ton kitty, jumped up, liking the bed unmade.
My head and Honey collided.
Actually, the bone above my right eye, collided with Honey. Maybe her head. The rest of her is soft.

I have the beginnings of a Black Eye.
At the moment, I have a red and navy blue eye.

I am now accepting suggestions / excuses for why I
1- have a black eye - I mean, really, who would believe the cat ran into me ?
2- why I cannot remove my sunglasses, I don't care how dim the damn  light is !!
3- should I just stay home and have groceries delivered and not come out for a few days ?

Of all days .. a blue day with a black eye :(


update on The Eye :
I don't have a black eye. I have a purple eyelid. The eye bone is what is bruised so my eye itself is ok and it just looks like I went overboard with the purple eyeshadow on one eye.
I don't even use purple eyeshadow ...

So far, Honey has not complained about her head.

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