It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This and That and (unasked for ) Advice

As I write this, while enjoying a bowl of fresh ice cream from Volta ( banana split and chocolate suiso) I will tell you about the  day that started out with tension and worry and one that is closing on a high note, a cheerful, relieved and happy high note..

A long time ago, I had skin cancer.
I see a doctor every 6 months, I have been fine.
Then we came to the Sunny city of Buenos Aires... where the sun shines closer , hotter and for more days than anywhere else but Mars.
( yes, I made all of that up)
But that is the way it feels.

The air is clear and clean, there are clouds in the distance that promise a thunder storm later but the sky over our neighbourhood is ridiculously blue.
And the sun is shining brightly.
There are people in the parks who appreciate that sun, they sit in small bits of clothing and lean back in their chairs, faces tilted toward the sun, oiled skin offered up for a bit of cooking.
Most of these people have skin that closely resembles a really good piece of leather .. brown, many lines and wrinkles and soft.
Being one of those people who does tan but also freckles and whose hair turns white in the sun, and let's not forget, who has had skin cancer already... I am not to be found, lying in the sun all greased up and wearing very little.

Regardless of all my precautions, seeing a dermatologist twice a year, there are scares that pop up now and then.
And we had a scare this past month.
I found a little dark mole that didn't seem to be quite right.
I was suddenly filled with dread ... another surgery ? another scar ? more scary times spent waiting for results of biopsies ?

So today we went to the doctor and sat and waited ... we were walk-ins .
We sat for about 3 hours before we got to see her.
My nerves were strung tight ..
I was so happy to be called in to see her.
I told her what and where ..
She looked and laughed and  said it is nothing.

How much do I love her?

I was surprised when she said that the little bitty red spot that I thought was a bug bite was suspicious and I have to see her in a month.
If it is the same or worse, it gets biopsied.
I can deal with that.
I guess I will get to hang out with that handsome Head of Heart Surgery who took care of my last Bad Spot Removal.

So please, listen to me .. a blue eyed blonde who freckles and tans easily .. Don't lie in the sun.
Don't lie in the sun, don't deliberately get sunburned .. it will all come back to bite you one day and you will kick yourself for not listening to me .

I have finished my ice cream ... time to get a cuppa tea.

There is a store here in Palermo Soho called Paul.
Paul is a designer. He designs hotels, furniture , you name it.
He also has a fabulous shop that sells everything from Tea ( in a glass greenhouse ) connected to his flower shop connected to his shop.
The tea brand name is Tealosophy.
Our favorite tea which I am going to stock up on this weekend is Taj Mahal.
It smells as good as it tastes, I look forward to sipping cups and cups of it this winter.

Speaking of Winter ... Fall is showing itself here with cool nights.
We have not had the air conditioner on for 2 nights. Hallelujah !

No matter that today is hot and I am eating ice cream .. tonight will be breezy and cool .. if you ever dreamt of visiting Buenos Aires, the time is right .. come visit now.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Throw it away

I read about a person who is a Hoarder and has to make decisions now about keeping things and throwing away things.
This has happened to me too many times in the past few years.
Moving from the house in the Northeast to the house in the Southeast, selling , donating and throwing away clothes and shoes and furniture and I don't remember what else, I blocked it out, it was so traumatic.

Then we moved to Oregon.
I was happy there was a car with a husband and a dog with me as well as a large truck with the rest of my belongings... minus a sofa, table, chairs and various things that the husband felt were no longer necessary ..sigh.

Strangely, we moved from a many roomed house into a larger house then into a one bedroom loft apartment and the furniture and clothing almost all fit !
By the time we had gotten to that point, my husband had left chunks of our belongings behind in each state.

Then we decided to move to Argentina.
That was not such a hard decision.
What to take and what the get rid of almost put me in a   Home for  Women Who Hoard.
The need to take Everything with me had to be partly due to the fact that we were going so far and to a place so foreign to us ..
Thank goodness, the one thing we kept with us through all those moves was Pup.
He packed up and traveled wherever we went, with an open mind and a big smile.
If only I could have learned more from him !

I need to "lighten up " this apartment.
The closets are starting to groan.
Sometimes at night when I walk past, I hear whispering, they keep asking me to please get that heavy box off that shelf.
I open the door and sometimes things fly off the shelves .. the closet gets very aggressive when I don't listen to it. . of course, I know where everything is in those closets, but then my husband might want something.
This is not his usual territory .. it takes a bit of navigating for him.

Where are the towels ? 
Top shelf on the left.

Where did you put the hammer?
Tool box, bottom shelf in the back.

Why is there a Christmas tree in the closet?
Just close the door and leave it alone.

I dream of living in a house again.
A house with closets.
Lots of closets.
Coat closets that hold only coats, hats and boots and an umbrella or two.
His and hers or better yet, my daydreams sometimes stretch into the realm of converting bedrooms next to other bedrooms into dressing room/closets.
This leads to building window seats and carpeting the dressing room  and I wake up exhausted each morning.

I have a dressing room/closet right now that keeps whispering to me when I walk by.
It reminds me of the people I see here in town who could use a nice warm coat or even just a pair of shoes.
Then it reminds me of those shoes I threw in the back of the cubby of Shoes That Don't really Fit.
I think I might listen to the closet today and do a little work in there.

My Dream Dressing Room .. actually a separate His and Hers sounds even better but I will share if I have to .. hopefully I will have more than just grey and white clothing by that time.

Monday, February 27, 2012

And then the horse fell

Today was one of those days that makes me love Buenos Aires as much as I do.
Not too hot, not too cool, enough clouds that the sun never got to be too much and a nice breeze .. buen aire ..

We tossed around a few ideas of what to do today then my husband who always has the best ideas said ... Want to go to the Track?

So we got ourselves together, one of us moving slowly and having a hard time with making simple decisions about what to wear .. we got there for the second race.

It is a holiday today.
Flag day.
There were a lot of flags at the track, but I have seen none hanging outside balconies or in town, as we have in the past.
Maybe I have my holidays mixed up.
Whatever it is, everyone was at the track ..

We sat outside in the shade and had fun picking horses by which name do you like , this one is sired by a horse from the US and how about this one ? the horse is a girl and so is the jockey .
Very scientific and it takes years to perfect this formula for betting.

We did not win any races which was okay, being there ( free of charge) and having great company ( you have never seen such a crew of dashing, good looking Argentines mixed with less attractive but no less interesting looking people ).
All in great moods, laughing , slapping each other on the backs, betting and talking and don't forget, kissing each other Hello and Good-by ..
What is there not to love about being here ?

We were watching our horse not win but doing a good job of trying when the one thing that I live in fear of seeing , happened.

A horse tripped, the jockey flew over his head, the horse fell on him.
After we saw it happen, we watched and saw it again on the big screen where everything is televised and the horse just rolled right over him  .. the horse got up and was walking in circles with a stable hand and looked to be fine but the jockey lay there and did not move.
An ambulance came out, they were extremely careful putting him on the stretcher and off they went.

I keep checking the news but there is no mention of it yet .
I worry.
I hope the ground was soft enough, the worst that happened was being squashed a little but nothing broken and his back and neck are fine.

Fingers crossed.

Monday .. Look at This Blog !

the style files

These days I am all about looking at houses ( not apartments so much anymore) and daydreaming about fireplaces in winter, gardens and views .. green views especially..
The Style Files helps me fill that need quite nicely.
Go look, enjoy, tell me how you liked it... tell me what you found that you must have .. perhaps a room like this ?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today was a Terrible day in Buenos Aires

This morning when I woke , I lay there a minute wondering what was going on .. in that foggy fuzzy way a person thinks upon awakening.
Then I realised that it was sirens. Constant sirens.
Ambulances going past our home.
I asked my husband to turn on the television and see what has happened, something terrible must have happened.
And it did.

A commuter train, full of morning commuters , crashed into the station..
The brakes did not work for whatever reason and the train hit the barriers  , causing the second car to crash into the first ripping open roof tops and sides and people fell out and people were trapped and crushed .. the miracles were the people who got out uninjured.
The first person killed was a 7 year old little boy.

All day long the ambulances screamed past ,  heading to one of the many city hospitals.. as of now, there are 675 people injured and about 50 have  died.

It has been a very sad day in Buenos Aires.

A Good Time To Be Here

We have been inside quite a lot with the need to avoid unbearable heat and humidity.
Then there were the rains.
Heavy downpours, thunder and lightening then another hot , humid day.
Today was beautiful.
A cool wind, bright sun and low humidity as well as low temperatures drew us out of the house and into the light !

We took our old walk, the one we used to take several times a day, when there were the 3 of us.
Today the 2 of us walked down the shady street, making disapproving noises over the graffiti left on buildings, from protestors.
They are protesting the English by vandalising the homes of the people of Buenos Aires. .. we cannot make sense of this.

And on down to the Park .. "Pup's Park" is how it is known to some.
We used to sit on that bench under that tree and while away the afternoon, people watching, chatting, enjoying the place and our companionship.
Pup liked nothing better than to roll over in the flowers that fall on the ground and lay there while I would brush him off and tell him how pretty he was .. especially when he let me put a flower in his hair by his ear.
He was so patient and knew I was easy when it came to giving me a good laugh.

We did not stop, we walked past and on to the other parks, stopping to see how Evita was doing .
The grass in the park needs mowing and there is a forlorn look about the area but her statue is still there, amazing looking, with the Biblioteca Nacional looming over it all.
A real sight to see.

The heat and rain have combined to create an amazing amount of flowers blooming in the beautiful trees and flowering plants. Everywhere are flowers , lush plants and green.
Parrots are busy everywhere and the park keepers are busy, chopping back shrubs, branches are being cut back on trees and natural beauty is all around.

I guess you could say that it is a good time to be here .

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What next ?

I think I   might have what I would call the Summertime Blues.
I am suffering from a surfeit of heat and sunshine.
And heat.

There are flowers everywhere, the building across the street has a rooftop garden that is spilling over the sides, huge red hyacinths, hot pink bougainvillaea and various green things.
All very lush and exotic and makes me wish on a daily basis that we lived in an apartment like that.

Now and then I wish we lived in an apartment that is called a PB. Planta Baja.. Lower/ground floor.
They almost always have a private garden of some sort.
Ours is mostly moss on the ground that is so shaded by a monster Hibiscus tree and various other trees that grass cannot grow.
But there are masses of green things and those flowers and shade and doves , all walled in .. what more could you ask for ?
There are PB apartments that are in the back with a deck and grass yard, courtyards that remind me of Spain or even Morocco .. and you just walk in the door of the building and back to the door of your apartment .. no elevators, no apartment building sort of living.
You just go to your little private house in the back. Very appealing .
A dog would like it. Even a little cat ... or both !

For some reason, maybe heat induced lethargy, I am just not interested in taking a trip.
I cannot bring myself to think of the packing involved, calling people and making reservations.
I am having enough trouble making plans for the day ... at home!
Should we go to the market or let it go another day ?
Do we want to go to a cinema or stay in and read ?
I hear my skin sizzling as we walk down the block so walking in the parks taking photos is out of the question these days.
This, I think, is worse than the winter.

Winter in Buenos Aires is fantastic.
It never gets that cold .. remember, we are from the Northeast US .. .
Here , it snowed once in 97 years ..
We were actually here on that day .. in the park with Pup.
It was a holiday, July .. the parks were full of people, suddenly a flake appeared, then another, people started to notice, kids started trying to catch flakes on their tongue, everyone was smiling.

So here we are, almost 5 years in Buenos Aires.
What next ?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Musings .. Summer - the Best of Times

I remember when people referred to Sundays as the Day of Rest.
My dad did ..
He would work Monday through Friday, Saturday was for errands and fixing things around our house  and  Sunday he would just hang out.
Summer Sundays we would swim in our lake, go to Dairy Queen after dinner, watch fireflies.
I remember when those summers were the best times .. mosquito bites and all.

Then there were the Summer Sundays when my own children were small.
We would rent houses at the beach , they took swimming lessons in the Bay, we would ride the Fire Island Ferry to town or drive to the Hamptons for a day of shopping or just beach walking.
Those stand out in my mind now as the Best of Times.

Now we live in Argentina.
It is Summer.
While my family and friends are talking about Winter and looking forward to Spring,  I look forward to Fall.
Fall is such a welcome respite from the heat that even if it is not the same as those New England brightly colored Autumns, it is welcome.
Even Winter here is beautiful, still green, still comfortable, you can walk and be out all the time, almost always.

You take a walk here on an Autumn or winter night, the air is crisp and chilly.
You take a deep breath and smell wood smoke.
The parillas with their fires going, fireplaces in homes, it is wonderful .. the scent of Cold Weather .
Wherever I am , wherever I go, this is a scent memory that will never be lost.

But for now, it is Summer.
A Long Hot Summer if there ever was one.
We have not gone out, unless it was completely necessary.
It is a holiday weekend and stores are closed, people are gone, I think there are more tourists here than residents !
And we don't want to go out. We hide from the heat , my freckles beg me to stop adding on and the air conditioners groan when we come into the room .. oh no, not again ! they cry .
Of course, one of them will have to be a problem ... deciding to drip. Inside.
Now my beautiful bedroom has a bucket and a towel on the floor.

Summer was nice, let's move on now, shall we ?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Things change

Every day the sun shines. Bright  and hot. We begin to grow tired of so much sunshine, so much heat.
The reasoning that not too long from now we will wish it were still warm, doesn't really comfort us .. only air conditioning is a comfort these days.

Our walks are limited to what is necessary .. we must get out and buy groceries, milk, more soda.
If Pup were here, we would take those walks to the park, hugging the shadowy parts of the walls, standing under the largest tree, moving as little as possible.
Pup would sniff every blade of grass and show little sign of noticing that it was in the high 90's .. but then he would also   flop down in a cool grassy bit of shade and do some of his own people watching.

The parks are empty these days, no diehard sunbathers... they are at the beaches or inside with the air-conditioning, like the rest of us.

Summers here are very long.
I think that when you cross into the Southern Hemisphere, there are more months added to the year. Summer is at least 6 months long .. really !

Winter is very long too but soon, soon, Autumn will be here .. the leaves will brown and fall off the trees. Not colorful but a small reminder of the New England Autumns we remember so well.

We do not dread winter here .. winter with bright blue skies, ridiculously blue.
Cool enough to wear a coat, but never snow and rarely so cold that you can't stand to go out.
With cool weather comes energy and longer walks and more exploring.

I look forward to that again .. Things change and I want to enjoy this place as much as I can , while I can.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Friday Photo

"Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open."

John Barrymore

Another Day...

Another terribly hot day, humid , the only thing we can think of doing is to go to a mall.
I keep thinking I will find all these clothes on sale for next summers wear.
But what I find are tired, sometimes damaged things on hangers, looking like they were already worn and given back.
Sad and wrinkled.
I know someone who looks like that !

The little cafe around the corner where we enjoy excellent coffee and pastries, is opening for dinner and they will offer a Pay What You Wish special.
A new chef will round things out.
We will go  ... it is too close and they are too nice not to at least try it.

The mall was ice cold and not very busy.
I have a feeling all the people are in a beach town or in the mountains somewhere .. there are just those few die hards who laugh in the face of blazing summer heat and afternoon storms and think to themselves, I live here, this is the way it is.
Pour me another drink, honey.

I was stopped and asked for directions today.
They spoke English, they were from France.
I managed not to beg them to take me home with them.

Nely was here today.
The apartment is sparkling clean.. I will not cook, it will make a mess.
I don't want all of her work to be wasted ( good idea, no? remember this next time you don't feel like cooking ) ..

I think we are going to get a storm.
Maybe I will go lie on the bed and read and listen to the thunder.
And take a nap.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Skies

If someone were to ask me what did I love the most about living in Argentina, I think aside from the people, who are another wonderful topic altogether .. I would say the skies.

There are days that I can't get over how blue they are.
Not just the blue of a nice summer sky but these amazing, technicolor blues that you might find if you fiddled with the color while Photoshopping.
Then there are the clouds.
They are out of reach, but if they were close enough to touch, you would bet that they were solid, big , fat, soft and cushy clouds, the sort that you can imagine little angels bouncing around on and hiding behind.
Then there are the sunsets.
Don't get me started.

We have a full moon now and then.
I have sat in the park in the deep dark of a summer night, with only the lights from the stars and a moon so huge and so close, you could see the little man up there, running around. . probably turning up the lights ..
I know I sound like someone who lived in a box , everyone has seen a moon, but when these full moons are out, I cannot help myself, I have to carry on about it.
My great luck in life is that I have a husband who is kind and patient.
And understanding.. when a wife carries on at length about the Moon.
My sweet Pup liked the moon too.
He liked sitting in the park with us and I am sure he liked the big moon.
He would smile.. so there is the proof.

Today it is about 500 degrees and if you stand too long in the sun you melt.
I swear .. you will !
I saw a person walking today ... they stopped and looked in a window.
When I looked out there again, there was just a big wet spot where they had stood.
We won't discuss the guy who just went up in flames, standing at the light, waiting to cross.
It can be hazardous to be out on days such as this... really.

I saw a little homeless cat .. he had found the one and only tiny bit of shade and was laying stretched out ... I know he is cared for by people in the building, but on a day like today- only air conditioning would have been good.

I am considering opening a cat and pup air conditioning station in our extra bedroom.
Bring them in, cool them off, have a little water, back out you go ~

But tonight .. ahhhh, yes, tonight it will cool down nicely, it will be dark and in the sky, the longer you look, the more stars you will see.

For some, who are travellers, the stars are guides. For others they are no more than little lights in the sky.. In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars will be laughing when you look at the sky at night..
The Little Prince.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Won't you be my Valentine ?

As a skinny , freckle faced little girl, I was no ones  Valentine  and the boys I liked always ignored me or were mean to me.
We had moved from California to a Southern US town where people with different accents were mocked, looked at with suspicion or laughed at.
So the odds of my having a Happy Valentines with the rest of the kids were low at best.
But then something happened, as it does to most everyone... I grew up.

One day I met a man. ( in NYC) ..
I did not expect it, I did not have a new man in mind nor was I even thinking about such a thing.
But there he was.
And as corny as it sounds, as Harlequin Romance-y as it sounds, I fell head over heels in love with him immediately.

We have been married for , oh my , at least 100 years now .. or almost.

And every day, he is my Valentine.
I am sure there are plenty of days he wonders about this .. having an insane, moody wife can be a test for any man, but he is more than up to the task.

Happy Valentines Day to my Sweetheart ...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday .. Look at This Blog !

This blog,  Sadie Olive ,  has been on my Monday Look in the past but if you enjoy decorating and design and beautiful rooms, go take another  look.
She has inspired me many times but this time I am probably going to copy her kitchen right down to the mirror from her husbands aunt !
Go take a look, tell her hello and let me now how much you enjoyed Sadie Olive.

photo : Sadie Olive

Saturday, February 11, 2012


With a view like this, how can you not get all romantic and dreamy ?
Doesn't it make you want to drop everything and go live in a place that has more old buildings than new ?
More parks and statues than many cities and  towns ?
A place where the people still use those ordinary little manners that we were taught as children... you remember, Hello, How are you ? Thank you, you are welcome .. that sort of thing.
Something that seems to have faded into obscurity in many places.

A place that has buildings like this must have cafes everywhere !
A place  where people stop in the middle of the day to linger over a cup of coffee, where children kiss each other goodbye at the door of the school at the end of the day.

Places where people sit in the park, for no other reason than it is there, it is beautiful and why not, it is a beautiful day.
Yes, there is a lot to be done at home.
Yes, there are chores to do , errands to run, but a moment of peace and quiet in the green park is good for the soul.

A place where strangers stop you to pet your dog and end up kissing him and you when they say good-bye.
Where strangers will see you without your pup and ask about him.
Where music can be heard from all sorts of places.
A car will go by with the radio a bit loud, music thumping.
A shop has opera playing. .. walking past some apartment buildings on a hot day, windows are open, I hear a violin being played.
There isn't much you can say against a place where just about every single person loves music.
And babies.
And pups.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Photo

Wherever I go in this city, Beauty is waiting .. sometimes it is huge and you can't miss it, sometimes it is so small or quiet or hidden that you feel privileged that you didn't miss it.
Buenos Aires, you are so beautiful.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Change is Going to Come

We had more storms last night but the result this time was actually cooler temperatures !
The sky is a dramatic mix of shades of grey and the wind is blowing.
I am definitely going to be outdoors today, enjoying walking again and not feeling like fainting from the heat .. or at least melting into a little puddle on the sidewalk.

It is quiet around here these days.
In this sort of summer heat , there is not much ambition to do much other than go online and look at places where it is not so hot, read about recipes I will make in the winter, and decide what to do with the apartment.
We are doing a bit of paint touching up at the moment. Well, one of us is, the other is just full of directions and comments. But full participation is expected soon.

The bad news ( to me in a lot of ways) is that the building which is 100 years old, is about to get a much needed bath.
But this bath requires the entire building to be wrapped in blue netting. Or black.
The men work inside the netting, supposedly the people passing by on the sidewalk will be protected from Stuff that will be falling.
When they are through, which could be in 6 months, the building will look much much better, cleaner than it has looked in some 50 years, probably.
The bad part : All of my plants that get sun are on the front balconies. They must come inside.
All of the light that comes into the apartment, comes in through the front windows and french doors, they must be closed, shutters and all.
And just in case this is not depressing enough, the wonderful tree in our back garden that shades my bedroom, that houses countless doves and their babies, has apparently outgrown it's garden and has been reaching roots under the buildings behind us , causing them problems.
Our tree has to be cut down.
I am bothered when I see branches trimmed on trees in the park, this will be a terrible thing.
Not to mention, the loss of greenery outside the window , leaving us a view of another building, not even a pretty building.

So regardless of how I hang on to Things and try to keep everything serene ...Someone Else comes along and messes things up.

I would much rather create my own Changes, if you know what I mean. So perhaps, soon, a Change will come.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, son of John and Elizabeth, was born on February 7, 1812.
He was a lover of the theatre, aspired to be an actor, political reporter , reformer , philanthropist and father of 10 children.
He was the author of 16 novels over four decades.

His father was a Navy clerk, he had a  middle-class childhood was sadly disrupted when his father’s finances  or lack of,  landed him in debtor’s prison. 
When he was 12, Charles was forced to room with a family friend. 
To pay for board, he worked long hard  hours with poor children in a   warehouse that made    polish for shining shoes. 
The hardship of these days  left a  mark on his writings and inspired a life's work  for labor , especially child labor,  reform.

In 1833  his first story was published. 
Followed by The Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist, Nicholas Nickleby, The Old Curiosity Shop,   A Christmas Carol.
He wrote for a radical newspaper called the Daily News.
In 1859 he wrote A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations ( 1860) .

He died on June 8th, 1870.



Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday .. Look at This Blog !

 God, I Love Paris !

I do, she does, just about everyone does.
Now you can not only read her blog but you can read her book.

See you in Paris, if only in our dreams ...

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Down near the bottom of the crossed-out list of things you have to do today, between “green thread” and “broccoli” you find that you have penciled “sunlight.”  
Resting on the page, the word is beautiful, it touches you as if you had a friend and sunlight were a present he had sent you from some place distant as this morning — to cheer you up, and to remind you that, among your duties, pleasure is a thing, that also needs accomplishing...

Tony Hoagland

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hace Calor !

It is hot.
The sun is beating down from a typical, ridiculously blue Argentine sky with not one little wisp of a cloud to give a person on the ground a touch of shade.
There is hardly any traffic either .. they are not dummies here, they know what to do when it is Summer and a Heat Wave is over the City.
They Get Outta Town !

And if they are not out of town, they are in their pools or like myself,
hiding in a darkened room with the air conditioning on.
Thank you God for air-conditioning.
I know everyone doesn't have it and quite a few people live without it but I am not one of them.
I am a wimp. I freely admit it. I don't even go to Wimps Anonymous, I am Out with my Wimpiness.

If it were cold, I would be bundled up and striding through the streets, boots on, gloves and scarf ( that my sweet husband bought me in Montreal and it keeps me soooo warm) and you always know that if it gets too cold, you can pop into any cafe and fill up on hot coffee or tea and warmed manzana tart or medialunas .. ahhhh...
I do look forward to Winter.
They do Winter very nicely in Buenos Aires.
But for now, they are doing some brutal hot Summer.
So .... if anyone needs me, you know where to find me .. here, in my room, with the air-conditioning on High.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Photo

There are days that I just block out the city sounds and the city sights and remember to Look Up.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sleeping late

I know that I have always been a night owl , someone who hates to go to bed and hates to get up early in the morning.
This has been Me since I was a wee thing.
I always have more energy and ideas at night.
I think there are times when I am just getting started when I have to go to bed.
(grumble grumble sulk )

Tuesday morning I woke at 11:00 AM.
I was shocked ... shocked I tell you !
I have not had that sort of lie in in years !
Should I tell you how good it felt ?
No ?
You will be jealous and want to try it yourself tomorrow ?
Oh, alright, that is a good reason .. sort of.
So I will just say that I was surprised it was so late, I thought it was only around 9:30 ..

I "jumped" ( if you know me, you know there was no actual jumping involved first thing in the morning ) out of bed and wandered in here to the computer, coffee in hand and no particular drive to do anything else for the day but read blogs, read the news online ( thank you NYTimes for making that more difficult ) , and only getting up for necessary breaks .. including the one where I eat a slice of cold pizza washed down with pomelo .. oh, what a great day it was !

Now we have to get back to the way things are normally.
Whatever that is !

Someone has been repairing and retouching paint jobs.
Brilliant man ..  I am slightly envious, he has energy ... he is not overcome by slothfulness.
Actually, if a Sloth and I were in a race, the Sloth would win by at least a nose.

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