It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Summer Monday

The parks are dozing in late summer sun. Birds are busy, nests being built, parrots noisy with arguments about the old nest vs the new nest and why can't we live in that tall Palm tree.
The skies are a brilliant blue, the clouds are constantly drifting by, the air is amazingly clear.
Up close, you can see, the pink flowers are huge, bigger than my hand, lilies.
I will save all this green for the winter when everything is bare and grey and cold.
It was so warm, not even the sunbathers were out in force but apparently the graffiti artists were busy last night. I daydream about catching them and punishing them.
Today is a typical Monday. See the doctor. Go to the market. Give Pup his pills. Buy more peanut butter to give Pup his pills. Go to the park. Read a good book and wish for cool weather.

Wishing you a Happy Monday..

Monday .. Look at This Blog !

Castles Crowns and Cottages

I have been lost in this blog lately. I had no idea it existed.
I can't quit looking at beautiful images.
It is serene, beautiful, inspiring and just plain gorgeous !
So try not to get addicted right away like I did but go look ..

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Summer Sunday

What a day it was ! Bright sunshine, blue skies and warm, very warm.
I would have enjoyed slightly cooler temperatures but I am consoling myself with the thought of Fall coolness, taking walks at night and smelling firewood burning in the chilly air, stars, oh my, you have never seen so many stars as they have here ... and close !!
Really, closer than where you are. I am sure of it .
Just kidding.
Pup needed a walk or two , well three and the park is there, so that is where we were.
Trees bursting with summer color, hot pink lilies, dark greens, light greens, dusty cobblestones and green cool grass. The parks are lush and ripe and any moment now, it will be cooler and leaves will start to fall. But for now, it is just the big lilies that fall.

Pup enjoyed sitting in the grass and relaxing.
I took photos and enjoyed watching people practice walking on a tight rope .. yep, a tight rope. They were smart though, they aren't very good at it yet, so it was just a couple of feet off the ground. . and flat.
We watched the Dare Devil Skateboarders , who come down a 2 way curved hill , down the middle of the street ... flying !
When they get to the bottom of the hill, at the end of the street, they either jump off or do this wild sliding curve into the huge Avenue that is at the end of the street.
They do it when the light is red and no cars are coming but I fear for them every time and I am thrilled watching them. Crazy kids.
The parrots were housecleaning. Bits and pieces of nests are tossed out, you can hear them squabbling the entire time.
Mrs Parrot, telling Mr Parrot to either help her or take the kids and get out of the way ! And then he has to complain that it is Sunday and all he wants to do is relax in his nest and she won't leave him alone, nag nag nag .. (yes, I understand Parrot)
Then a huge chunk of nest came flying out and down .. I wonder if that was His bed.

We saw Robins in the park and these amazing birds that are black but in the light you can see their feathers are iridescent .. the birds that come through here are fabulous ..
And we have chickadees and robins too .. as well as the pigeons that are required in all Parks and doves. Platoons of palomas .. cooing cooing ..

Then it was time to get the too warm Pup back into the cool rooms where he can recover from medicines and pain and hopefully tomorrow- he will be much much better.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Further Adventures of Pup

Therefore to this dog will I tenderly, not scornfully, render praise and favor.
With my hand upon his head, is my benediction said ..
Therefore and forever.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

The Vet says he is improving.
If he will only stop licking the shirt now.
We were able to go to the park and walk around, although he quickly grew tired and just sat down in the grass and looked at us.
So we came home.
He looks great in blue.

Saturday ..

Don't you just love passageways, paths to "secret " gardens or just beautiful places just out of your sight or reach ? I see these around here often and always want to tiptoe down there, back there, over there and just take a quick look.

Pup went to the doctor again this morning and he is doing "Very well" .. the Thing looked a bit better, he got another shot and will now just take pills .. This is where the Peanut Butter comes in handy.
Hopefully, by the end of the medicine, he will be his old self with no lumps, bumps or scary things.

It is warm today .. a little warmer than I wish. Lots of sunshine.
Some people are reading this and thinking .. why ? why ?
She is tired of Sunshine and I need the Sun !
I hope you get to come visit and I will be happy to share the Sunshine with you.

I think this day will be very quiet and restful for all and maybe tonight something interesting to eat and maybe a movie .. Saturday night in Buenos Aires, just like anywhere else in the World .

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pup Update

Today things got worse, we won't go into details or gory descriptions.
We went to a new vet, ours is on vacation.
We like the new one even better.
She gave him an antibiotic shot, said something about abscess and we have to go back tomorrow, she will probably give him another shot then he will heal.
When he is all healed, she wants to do a biopsy .
We are not too worried about that, since he has always been prone to growing "things" and has already had some surgically removed.
This one just went icky fast .. poor Pup .. pobrecito .. my sweet boy, he panted hard, kind of shivered while she was pushing and prodding and when she spoke to him, he kissed her.
I can weep from the sweetness of this dog ..
So now he is home, being treated like a King ( as usual) and we will only think positive thoughts and hope he is not in pain.
He seems relaxed now, even though our housekeeper is running the vacuum, he is lying here , staring at me.
Staring. at. me.

In the photo you can see his left leg has a dark spot .. that's it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

If it isn't one thing, it's another ...

We took Pup to the park , it was windy and these amazing dark clouds came rolling in.
There is a huge Ombu tree in the park and there are times when there are great strong rain and wind storms and the ground under the tree remains dry.
So that is where we hide if rain catches us out in the park.
The palms tend to whip around in the wind and drop huge branches and then there is the issue of quite large parrot nests that fall out. Now I am thinking that lightening still might hit the tree and fry anyone hiding under her branches. So now we run for the apartment buildings that line the street and walk under the terraces.
My husband and the dog have gone to the park and walked home, in the rain, and not been wet.. other than Pups feet. And then there are days where he comes home thoroughly soaked.
But then on a sunny dry day, you can walk under those terraces and get drenched when someone waters their plants. Or if the air conditioners are all going and condensation drops down on unsuspecting pedestrians.
Of course, you never know if it is air conditioning water or something less pleasant, so you always have to look up, look annoyed and wipe the wet spot.
Only once has this happened in the park and I knew it was not water and I knew I should not have stood under that tree that all the pigeons like to roost in.
Of course, all of these are Human irritations .. Pup trots down the street, smiling at everyone, pausing patiently as passersby feel the need to speak to him and touch him .. he is very polite, our Pup.
If it rains, he smiles. He waits until he gets inside the kitchen door, to shake it all off.. preferably when I am kneeling beside him with the towel.
I swear I hear him chuckle when he sees my face when I get spattered with water.
Today was sunny ... rainy.... windy ... maybe tomorrow will just stay sunny and windy is okay.
Pup has a small problem that might include a visit to the vet. I will know in the morning.
You know what they say, if it isn't One Thing, It's Another.

Showers, flowers etc

Due to intermittent rain showers and a Pup medical issue, we are staying in and doing not much of anything.
This photo was taken on Puerto Madero, just some flowers they have planted here and there along the walk by the water. A really beautiful place to spend some time. I even consider, now and then, what it would be like to live there.
Very new buildings, clean, no cobblestones and traffic and the police are the Navy.
It could be interesting .. but for now, we are snug here in This Old House
in Buenos Aires.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What do you do on a Rainy Day in BA ?

Today was a perfect day to go to the cinema. A rainy day.
The movie was good, we enjoyed it, I was unable to watch a few scenes but overall, we gave it a Thumbs Up.
What was even better, it had stopped raining when we left, so after a taxi ride home, we grabbed the Pup and took off to the Park. Where he made sure he sniffed everything in sight, got a leaf stuck on his nose and made me laugh and then we wandered back home. He also met a tiny tiny Poodle about the size of his nose who was thrilled beyond words ( or yips) to meet the Big Pup. I am not sure Pup realized it was a dog. But he was his usual gentle self.
Leaving Pup home, we ran errands.
Dinner was Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli, thank you New York Times.
I think that is about it for What to do on a Rainy day .. let me know if you have questions .

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Relax, Get Lazy

If the days get any lazier and slower, I will just lie there , without moving, until the dog brings me his dish and points out that I really do need to get up and take care of him.
Actually, I wish my husband and the dog would get lazy and just lay there like I do .. it would be much more relaxing.

Today was a beautiful day. Not too hot, not too windy, just right.
We barely went anywhere and hardly did anything.
But we did sit in the park and I took photos and we had a nice dinner.

I need some Get Up and Go pills.
As my grandmother would have said.. Her Get up and Go, Got up and Went.
Pup seems to feel the same. He is stretched out across the hall.
I sidle around his body as I go up and down the hall.
He doesn't even lift his head now.
His get up and go , went too.

My husband seems fairly the same.
He might be moving a bit slower, but that could be because he is walking with the Slow Woman and the Slower Dog.
We ( the dog and I ) can make anyone look Speedy .. just walk next to us, see what I mean. Just don't fall asleep mid-stride. It can happen when you walk with us ..

We went to the bakery. THE bakery. I bought 2 almond croissants, I only ate one, where is my medal ?
The Other one is sitting in the bread drawer waiting for tomorrow, it will be my reward for getting out of bed.

I am looking forward to Autumn.
The trees leaves are getting brown and falling off. They just look dead.
Not that lovely red or gold that Fall leaves have back in the Other World.
But it is still nice to walk in the park and see leaves come drifting down.

Large pink lilies are coming down too.
That is a bit of a surprise, when you least expect it, a huge pink flower will hit you on the head. Just in case you are overcome with the need to nap on a bench .. you know, some people do that.
Not me of course, but I have seen people napping on the benches.
My luck, I would fall asleep on the bench and next thing I would know , I would be crashing to the ground, having rolled over .. trying to find my pillow.
I don't think I would be a good bench sleeper.
There is one man here who comes to the park on his bike, lays down on the bench and falls asleep, one hand firmly holding the bike.
The entire nap, he never lets go of the bike ... how does he do that ??

I fall asleep, you could probably take the bed out from under me and I would sleep through it.
Tomorrow we might go to the Cinema. I will work very hard on getting ready and out of the house by noon. God, why do they have movies so early ??

Monday, February 21, 2011

The View

So , how is the view from your home ? Do you see trees? Flowers ? Other homes ? Nothing but hills, sky , ocean, fields ?
We see the apartments across the street.
Luckily, the apartment buildings are old and beautiful. We have a nice Plane tree outside the window. It often helps me pretend I am in Paris.
I like the view right now, but in winter, with no greenery, it can be a bit dreary, even if the buildings are beautiful.

I daydream of homes with views. Not so much about the interiors but what you can see from the windows.
If I were in Paris, it would most likely be all about the Eiffel Tower.

When I was in NY, it was the back of the building, so there was a garden and space and air between Us and the neighboring buildings. I could see sky. That was enough for me, then.

When I lived in California, my home was on a hill.
I could see the Hollywood sign from my kitchen window, I could see the neighbors lemon trees from my living room window, I could see the roses outside my bedroom window.

When I lived in Portland , Oregon, I could see Whole Foods, I could see Mt Hood and I could see the West Hills of Portland, I could see Rainbows .

I am starting to think I need a change of views.

Monday .. Look at This Blog !

For The Love of a House

This is one of the best stories about someone doing something that many people just dream of doing. She and her husband decided to move across the US to a new state, a new home and a new life. She fell in love with a house and that is where she is now, with her husband and her sweet pup .. I love reading this blog !
As someone who has been known to make huge decisions quickly and move house a few times, I find reading the stories of others who do the same thing, very fulfilling.
So go take a look, tell her I said hello and don't be surprised if you feel like packing up and moving somewhere ..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Lazy Sunday in the Park with Pup

Today is a sparkling, not too hot day, with blue blue skies and cool breezes. We were our usual lazy selves this morning, wandering down to the park with Pup later in the afternoon.
The Feria is very busy, musicians are setting up for their free ( donations accepted) concerts in the parks and the man who rents bicycles is doing good business today!
My husband and I are going to rent bikes one Sunday and see how we like it. If we live through it and like it, then we will consider buying a couple.
Pup can't come with us so I feel a little bad about that.
But today was an example of my sweet Old Man Pup.
We walked down to the park, he sniffed around, we went to the next park and sat on a bench in the shade of a huge tree, full of pink lilly-like flowers.
Pup lay in the grass, across the walk from us, making sure we did not do anything without his knowing it .. does he really think we will sneak off when he is not looking ? does he really think I would go far without him?
A lilly fell out of the tree and hit him on the head, he was surprised. One hit my husband too ..
I had an invisible shield around me, nothing fell on me and nothing bit me. . all in all, a good day in the park.

We walked home past the big statue in the park, past the little private park that we like to use in Winter when it is not so hot ..

Last night we went on a walk after dark. It was very pleasant.
All except for the part where Pup kept turning at each corner towards home.
He has become an old man, stuck in his habits. But then, I think, so have I.

From the New York Times

Warm Nights, Cold Noses

At least one of us, living here in our home, thinks this is a brilliant article and everyone should try letting the dog up on the bed. Or the cat .. as if you could keep a cat off if you wanted to !
I have done both and can attest to the fact that you will sleep better .. although there were times when the tiny cat managed to push the humans all over to one edge.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Green Day

Things are pretty green around here. The parks are in their late summer green, the grass was just watered by late night storms so it should be greener and there are green parrots in the parks, flying in little squadrons of 8 at a time. Always squabbling as they go overhead.
The days have been so warm ... hot , that once in the park, the only thing that is really comfortable is to sit on a bench in the shade of one of the huge trees, or bring a chair and sit in the shade. I never did get a chair for this summer.. it was too hot anyway.
I look up a lot here. There is a lot to see up there. Aside from the parrots and hummingbirds and all kinds of birds and huge flowers and small sweet smelling flowers, there is the art that the trees make , against the blue sky.
Today seemed to be an especially Green day .. I will appreciate it more this Winter when things are bare and there is not a lot of color to be found in the park. Except for those parrots.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A walk in a Cemetery

Sometimes, someone near and dear to me will tease me about being a bit ghoulish.
I like Cemeteries. Not just any but those with History to them.
I like the Cemetery in New York State, outside of Rhinebeck, with tomb stones from the 1700's , families that came and settled and often died shortly after.
The above photograph was taken at the Cemetery here in Buenos Aires, Recoleta Cemetery.
Many of Argentina's notable persons are buried there.
There are many fascinating stories about the people and often about their deaths.
There is one crypt that is all glass.
The young woman buried, was not dead, the Cemetery workers heard sounds, when they finally opened the coffin , they found signs of the young girl who woke in the coffin.
Her grief stricken mother had her interred in an all glass crypt so she would not be closed up in a coffin again.

When we were in Paris, we went to Père Lachaise Cemetery and I enjoyed the beauty of the place, the ornate sculptures and tombs, the final resting places of Piaf, John Pierre Aumont, Balzac, Sarah Bernhardt , Collette, Marcel Marceau, Edmond James de Rothschild, Gertrude Stein and Oscar Wilde and so many more .. there are over 300,000 people buried there .
The grave stones are worthy of museums, many amazing works of art.
Oscar Wilde lies here. See all the lipstick/kiss marks?
This is Elisa Hodgson, who wrote " The Secret Garden" .

If you visit here , in Buenos Aires, do go to the Recoleta Cemetery and wander and marvel at the beauty of the final resting places of the people there .. and if you are in Paris, do go to Pere LaChaise .. I won't call you a ghoul ~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Day in the Life of an Expat

Sunset from the ArtSuites Hotel.

Because of a lifelong reluctance to go to bed on time, I was awake very late last night.
Therefore this morning, I was reluctant to wake up , to get out of bed.
After copious amounts of coffee and sitting in front of the computer like a zombie, I managed to get myself ready and go to a movie with my husband.. take a nice walk in the park with Pup .. and make a nice dinner ..

We may or may not take a walk later when it is cooler and dark.
Right now I think it is still in the 80's at almost 7:40 PM and I am quite content to remain here with my best friend, the Air Conditioner.
Pup divides his time between the hall where he can keep an eye on me or in the living room with my husband, where the television can be found.
When he gets lonely or too warm, he will come in here ( Pup, not my husband) and I will move my chair back so he can rest his head in my lap.

Which eventually will involve a 50+ lb dog, leaning on me with his entire weight, possibly dozing off .. and I have no heart to disturb him so I sit here, regardless of my legs falling asleep, totally numb, not doing anything that I might have to do.
I have my priorities, you know.

We went to the cinema today. Perfect for a hot day.
I was not thrilled with the movie and it contained a sad part concerning a horse so while I admit the movie was sort of entertaining, the horse part spoiled it for me.
Tomorrow, I think we are going to see the Black Swan and regardless of how good a movie it is, I will see ballet and hear Swan Lake.
That is a perfect way to spend a couple of hours on a very hot day, in my opinion.

The weather may cool off, I have no idea, I have quit looking ..
I know some day, it will have to give way to Autumn and Winter.
I can wait .. I think.
Family is supposed to come visit but we have not heard When ! I am looking forward to that.

We went to the park with Pup in the afternoon but no one wanted to stay and apparently the heat kept the pickpockets away, or was it me ?
A late night walk with a Pup to an ice cream shop is possible.

And I have had time to consider writing more, taking more photos and I am enjoying putting them on the Tumblr website..

This weekend, there will be some sort of plans made to go somewhere and eat something and listen to music maybe or just shop or perhaps, visit someone .. I have enough to think about tonight, I will put that off until tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One year of Notes from ABroad !

Today is the Anniversary of my Blog.
My First Blog and First Anniversary !
Last year when someone said I should write a blog, I said I had nothing to say ... we all know that was not quite true.
I have enjoyed this so much, I have enjoyed all the Bloggers who visit me and the amazing Bloggers that I follow and discover every day. I copy all of you and try to be just like you!
I stumble along and there are days that I wonder if any one is even awake ! and then someone sends me a nice little comment and my day is brighter.
I feel like someone is enjoying what I say and the photographs and appreciates Pup.
You know this is all his idea, don't you ?
He had to find a way to fame and fortune.
I have not told him yet that there is no money coming in , I only read him the nice things people say.
Otherwise, he might not sit for me anymore when I take his photo.
So Thank you for reading , Thank you for following and Thank you for commenting and Thank you for being there.
Happy Anniversary to Us !!

Tan now, Pay later or How I Spent My Morning

So, once upon a time, I lay out in the sun all the time, using oils and lotions and getting nice and brown. For a blonde, I tan surprisingly well. And as we all used to think, tans look good. But as time has gone by and we all have learned what else comes along with a tan .. a lot of us are walking around pale and staying off of beaches and pool sides, preferring the shady bits of the park and using sun block.
But , they forgot to mention, or I wasn't listening, that even though you were only in the sun years ago, any day it can come back and bite you.

Therefore I was not that surprised today when I was told that yes, that little spot on my leg is cancer and I have to have surgery.
So this is my Public Service announcement.. soon it will be summer , use sun block .. don't end up like I will .. an old lady with these little tiny white scars zig zagging all over me.
( this has not happened yet but I have these visions)..

Now about the hospital. They Do Things Differently Here.
At first I was a bit put off by the way they do things, but now, I am appreciating everything much more. You go to the Hospital ( you can go to a private doctor but you will end up being sent to the hospital anyway for the tests) and you see a private doctor in a private office. If you need any tests etc, it is all there.. a huge , modern, clean, new hospital where so far, all the doctors we have seen, speak English.
Now for the upside .. when was the last time you saw a doctor who kissed you hello and good-bye ?
My case is closed.

So in March, I will have a little Trip Report .. I will let you know what the Chief of Surgery looks like, if it is true that they all think they are Gods ( I was just told this today by a doctor ... this person obviously has not worked in a US Hospital )
Any surgeons reading this, I don't mean you !
Any surgeons wives reading this, you know what I mean .

I am wondering if this sort of thing requires a new wardrobe.. you know, something to make up for the fact that I will have a possibly 1 inch scar on my leg. What !

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day..

Some Valentines Candy for you ..

Some Flowers for you ..

On Valentines Day we think of those who make our lives worthwhile.
Those friendly , gracious people who we think of with a smile.
I am fortunate to know you ... That is what I want to say..
To a Rare and Special Person,
Happy Valentines Day !

J Fuchs

Monday .. Look at This Blog !

Cote De Texas ... I have gotten hooked on design blogs.. well, OK, I have been hooked on design blogs and this one fulfills all my wishes. Today I am still trying to figure out how to get a four poster bed to fit in my room.
So go take a look at Cote De Texas and say hello and let me know if you picked up some good ideas.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Buenos Aires 1932

This is such a great look at Buenos Aires from the past ! So much is different but so much is the same !
Those statues and monuments are still here and the parks are even more amazing, given all the time they have had to grow and flourish.
I hope you enjoy this.. we did !

Thank you A for sending this.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lazy Summer Saturday

Today has been one of those perfect weather days. Sunny, warm but dry and breezy, comfortable for sitting in a park or playing with a pup or walking around town, shopping for items that will make a nice dinner. This is the street where the fish market is found

Along this street you can also buy produce and baked goods and shoes. You never have to go far without a shoe store or a market. They have their priorities straight here.
Tonights dinner will be Salmon.
We thought we would pick up some scones at the bakery around the corner.
I lost track of which delicious looking dessert I wanted to try. Chocolate?
What about these ?
Then we took Pup to the park ... he was left at home while we did the marketing and that always makes him sad. So we made it up to him by spending some time in the parks...where we saw the hummingbird trees ( I named them that for a reason, can you guess?)

and then after sufficient walking and fresh air, someone got tired so we came home.
(He blends in nicely, doesn't he?)
After dinner, we will take another walk. I think the ice cream supplies are running low.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pup blog

So Mom said that I can blog today because she is out of words.
Dad says that is never gonna happen.

Mom says she thinks it is the stress from everything about yesterday.

I have no idea what that means.
I do know that Mom has been laughing a lot today and hugging me all day.
I took a nap while they went to the movies.
I knew when she got back she would be hugging me some more.

We went to the park. The other park. Where the statues are, the ones that I can't pee on.
Mom gave me her water bottle and I had a lot of fun killing it. It was sooo flat. dead flat.

Big pink flowers in the tree kept falling. One hit Dad on the head. That was pretty funny.

When we went home, that mean Boxer dog saw me.
Mom said don't look at him, keep walking.
I looked anyway.

I think Mom and Dad are going out to dinner tonight.
Mom said she doesn't feel like cooking.
I don't think they will take me.
I hate it when they go out and they leave me at home.
I miss them. I get lonely.

But maybe they will make it up to me and take me for a long walk in the dark.
I like it here. We take lots of walks.
Are you going to come here too ?

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